How To Test A New CPAP Mask Before Buying It ( 5 Critical Things)

Every Home Medical Equipment company and Sleep Center or Sleep Doctor's office has sample masks. They all do.

Every manufacturer will give them a few samples of every type of masks because they want them to show their clients and patients the latest masks.  Typically thats how business is done.

Just ask........ Ask if they have a sample mask where you can try them.  You won't know if you don't ask.

Now if you buy the CPAP mask online..... then buy from a company that will exchange the mask for free if the mask is problematic for you. Some internet companies will give you a one time free exchange and some will charge a small fee. It is worth it. Imagine paying over a $100 for a CPAP mask only to find out it does not seal or it is very uncomfortable. Now you are stuck with that mask, you've lost $100 and you still have your original problem... you need a better fitting CPAP mask that seals well and is comfortable.

A few notes from the video...

You want to simulate how you are when you go to bed every night. Test all masks while you:

a) Tie your hair up . The mask will sit on your face differently with a pony tail and without.


b) Take your dentures out if you normally take them out when you sleep . The mask will seal differently with and without dentures.


c) Please test any new mask with your CPAP machine "present". Trying out a CPAP masks without attaching it to your CPAP machine is gambling. 


d) Make sure you are testing all new masks at your doctor prescribed settings and NOT IN THE RAMP mode !


Extra Point

e) If you are testing a mask at home ..... Role into all the positions you think you normally move gauge how the mask leaks.