Help Please! Air coming out of my eye sockets!

by Ann

Have you heard of having an issue with air pressure building in the eye socket while having the CPAP on and having to open your eye to let the air escape? It seems to be uncommon and a very difficult situation to be in. No one has an answer for me. Some nights I can eliminate by tilting my head one way or another or sleeping on my right side. But due to shoulder injury, cannot always sleep on my right. I have turned the pressure down and sometimes it helps, but then I don't think it's high enough for a good sleep. Some nights I have to give up and take my mask off :-( Damned if I do and damned if I don't.

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Jul 28, 2012
by: CapHelpDesk

• You absolutely must inform your Sleep Physician immediately!!

• If the pressure is in your eye socket the way you describe it.. Stop using the CPAP until you talk to the doctor. You don’t want to go blind or do other damage in that sensitive area.

• Call her/him on the phone or on call if necessary. Don’t just wait for an appointment that might take a few weeks. Explain to them over the phone first.

• Bring your CPAP machine to the appointment along with your power chord, mask, tubing…Show the doctor what is happening. This only helps the physician understand it. Seeing it and hearing it are two different things.

• I am purely speculating here …. The doctor might prescribe a BiPAP machine to lower the average “mean” pressure you are experiencing. I am just 100 % guessing here.

• If you are using CPAP Nasal Pillows or CPAP Nasal Mask. Consider using a CPAP full face mask. It disperses the pressure over a larger surface area thus makes it more tolerable.

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