"I Hate It ...But It Works" - Hans Rudolph 7600 V2 Full Face Mask.

Hans Rudolph Mask - Video Review Transcript

Welcome to CPAPHelpDesk.com. This is the video review for the Hans Rudolph 7600 V2 Full Face Mask. Just for full disclosure,

I want to let you know that this Hans Rudolph Full Face Mask was given to me as a sample by the manufacturer, which I use along with all my other samples I get from different manufacturers to help my sleep apnea patients find the right mask for them. I use it for demonstration purposes. By the way, I also use it because I am a CPAP user too and I really like this mask.

The Hans Rudolph 7600 is perfect for the mouth breather. It’s great if you have severe jaw drop. What I mean by severe jaw drop is this, I want to show you and bring this to your attention here, this mask goes right under the chin.

A lot of people who use a full face mask when they open their mouth when they fall asleep the strength of the air coming in is so great their mouth puffs open. So because this goes under the chin, it goes right up to here. This controls how wide your mouth is open, that phenomena is called jaw drop and this controls it.

Now Hans Rudolph Mask is much heavier and bulkier than its competitor the Quattro FX. It’s also longer than its competitor the Quattro FX.

This is very good if you use nasal pillows or you have a nasal mask and you have allergies, because if you have allergies you cannot use your nasal pillows and nasal mask, when you need to use a full face mask this is perfect.

This is good for somebody who also experiences bruising on the bridge of the nose, because as you can see this doesn’t cover the forehead. There’s nothing on the forehead.

This is fantastic if you’re claustrophobic because it doesn’t cover your eyes. We use this a lot to help claustrophobic patients use a full face mask.

The Hans Rudolph Full Face Mask is good for back sleepers and side sleepers. Stomach sleepers I don’t know, because so far I haven’t had any or talked to any other therapists who know of stomach sleepers who use this mask.

So, truthfully cannot comment on it. Somebody who is an active sleeper, so that means somebody who moves around in bed a lot, they do experience a little bit more leakage.

For beards and facial hair it does work, but if it’s too thick, especially if you have a goatee underneath then it’s a little bit more difficult. That’s the complaint that I have heard.

Let me jump into a couple more things, I’m just looking at my notes real quick here. There are a couple things.

This cpap headgear, let me show you something. Can you see this clip? Very easy to clip on. Here’s one negative, if you don’t hear that click this headgear will pop off during the night.

It’s easy, you just have to remember that right here it has to go into this groove here, you have to click it. Otherwise it’s very easy to put on and take off. Fantastic.

Now, the cpap head gear comes in small, medium, and large. But, here’s the funny thing. A lot of people will complain that you really have to make it super tight in order to get a good seal with this headgear.

Yes, the reason why is because the small and medium size mask, for example this is a small size mask, but the headgear is medium. So you might have to get a different size headgear. But, the headgear is fantastic. They even have straps on the top, which is really good and a lot of people forget to use that.

Once again, this Hans Rudolph cpap headgear is phenomenal if you have fibromyalgia, also if you have neck pain, muscle pain around this area. Let me back this up so you can see. This headgear is good. I don’t know how it works, but it really is very good for somebody who has neck and back of the neck shoulder pain.

Let me just move forward, looking at my notes again. On the front here let me show you. This is your exhalation port and this is your anti-asphyxia valve, so that means in case of power failure you’ll be breathing through here.

The negative is that at higher pressures this part here is a little noisy. It is really a little bit noisier. People are lot more forgiving about the noise because they find this very comfortable.

As far as the biggest source of leaks for this and for any mask that doesn’t have a forehead cushion, is right here generally speaking. I’m not saying it’s unique to this one, I’m saying all masks that do not have forehead cushions your problems with leakage tend to be down here.

Now, moving swiftly I want to go into the size. You’ve got extra-small or petite, small, medium, large, and extra-large. By the way, the sizes run larger than normal. Just because you’re a medium in another brand of full face mask it does not mean that you’ll be a medium in this mask.

So you really have to use the manufacturer’s measuring sizing template to get the right size.

One other thing is these cushions cannot come out, so you cannot buy a replacement cushion by itself. You need to replace the whole mask.

I do want to give you one last piece of advice with this one. When you first get this mask, do not use this immediately three minutes before going to sleep. You want to try playing around with this mask, get used to it at least in the daytime. Spend a good 10 or 15 minutes or so where you have no intentions to sleep to play around with it, to get comfortable with it, to understand how it really works and feels on you.

There are many teaching hospitals that are using this mask currently and many teaching hospitals with sleep labs where they do a lot of sleep studies and sleep research. Because I’m working with these people they are getting some phenomenal results with this mask.

With that I want to sign out and wish you sweet dreams.

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