Forma Mask - Video Review ( The Real Truth)

Forma Mask - Video Review (Why it is one of the best performing Fisher and Paykel Cpap Mask)

Welcome to This is a video review of the Forma Mask. This is a Fisher and Paykel Full Face Mask.

This mask is designed for the mouth breather.

It goes from the bridge of your nose all the way to under your chin. This Forma mask is designed to keep your mouth shut.

However you can open your mouth if you really want to, but there’s a lot of people who when they use the full face mask because the air goes into your mouth and it puffs it open really wide, this controls how wide your mouth is open. And the way to control that is with the top strap. By playing around with this, this controls this side of it.

It’s a very good Fisher and Paykel cpap mask, a lot of success rate. Obviously, like everything else this has weaknesses and strengths. Just for disclosure, I want to let you know that this mask was given to me as a sample by the manufacturer. So along with all the other sample masks that I’ve received from various manufacturers I’ve used this for demonstration purposes and to help my sleep apnea patients choose an appropriate mask based on their specific needs.

With that out of the way I want to jump right in. If you’re claustrophobic, the Forma Full Face Mask is not a good idea – it is big and bulky. However, the website discloses and shares with you strategies that have helped a lot of people overcome claustrophobia regardless of the type of mask they use.

Now, if you watch TV in bed it’s kind of tough. Can you see how thick this is? If you read in bed this is very difficult to do. The other thing I want to say is this is good for back sleepers, side sleepers most of the time. If you are very active in bed you’re going to have air leakage. By the way, what’s odd about this, the biggest complaint of leakage for air really comes down here in the bottom. It’s kind of strange. People do occasionally get it here, but even for myself when I tried it out and slept with it through a few nights, it escapes right down here.

This is not good Cpap Full Face Mask if you have a double chin. Some people have double or triple chin or no chin, then this is not a good thing for you. If you have facial hair this works. Why? Because of this grey cushion in here.

I’m going to show you a couple of other things. By the way, the website goes over about eight to 12 conditions where full face Cpap masks might not be advisable unless you get the green light from your physician. So I mention that on the website.

The headgear is good. The bad things is it’s one size fits most, so you cannot get different sizes. But, it does fit the majority of the people.

The mask here – can you see this thing that I’m pointing to? This is a glider. See how this moves? Let me see if I can show you better. This wire goes from here to here, this holds the mask in place while you move your head back and forth when you’re sleeping. This does help keep it in place.

Right here is a quick disconnect clip. If you squeeze, and what I’m doing is just pushing in, it enables you to take the mask off and then next day clip it back on. They also have a string here that does the same thing, if you pull on it this will open this up. However, I don’t advise you using this string to release the mask all the time, because I think eventually you’re going to end up breaking the mask quicker than it normally would have broken down.

This is your exhalation port, it’s good and it’s quiet. The only problem is if you are someone who likes to put their tubing above the head or around this area then the air sometimes will bounce off this and will hit you. So that’s something for you to keep in mind.

Let me just move forward and show you another feature. You see this gel? It’s not gel, it’s a foam cushion. This is the reason why this mask is very effective. One of the negatives I have about this mask is I wish they had like Respironics and Resmed masks have a dial here or a feature here where you can control the angle of your forehead cushion.

You cannot here, but what they have is this cushion.This cushion also has ridges in it. So what happens is – and pretend my fist here is your face – as you lean into it and as you tighten the strap this Forma mask will conform to your facial structure. For sizes this comes in small, medium, large and extra large. Now, here’s a money saver. The Forma has a combo unit, meaning in a box they have a medium and a large combo unit that fits the majority of people. It saves you a lot of money. If you measure yourself with a sizing template and you measure a medium or a large, go for the combo unit and play around with it. A millimeter in size difference really does make a difference in comfort and for air leakage issues.

The other thing that I do want to mention is the difference – what is the difference between this Forma mask and the mask that’s before it, the model below it called the Flexifit 432? Well, the difference here is the forehead cushion. This has two cushions, this has one. It makes it a heck of a lot more stable. The other thing is this cushion here has ridges. Can you sort of see the bumps? This does not have any bumps, it’s smooth. The bumps is what makes this fit a lot better. My suggestion to you is if you’re going to go with a Fisher and Paykel full face mask, go with the Forma. It might cost a little bit more, but it does better, it performs better based on the feedback I’ve got from my patients.

Here is one reason why a number of home care company respiratory therapists do not recommend the Forma mask, Fisher and Paykel Cpap masks – Full Face , and some people also have a problem with this. It’s because when they take this out they find it difficult to put this back. See this is two pieces, you’ve got the form and then you’ve got the clear cushion. They have to fit these grooves. There’s one here and two. So this form has to fit in the groove and then the clear cushion has to go in the other groove. If you do not line it up properly and if you do not push it in properly you are going to have serious air leakage and it’s going to drive you crazy.

For some people they don’t have the dexterity or the patience to actually look at it and they run into problems. Easy problem to fix, just pay attention to it and make sure these things go in well.

Other than that I have to say that the Forma Full Face Mask is highly recommended. One more other thing. It’s good for high CPAP settings. However, this is just my personal experience working with CPAP patients, when your CPAP setting is 16 and higher I found this a little more difficult to get a good seal. If it’s 16 and under on average it does a really good job. Other than that it’s a great mask.

With that, I’m going to sign out. I wish you sweet dreams.

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