Go for the Upgrade !! - Flexifit 432 Full Face Mask (My Video Review)

This is the video review for the Flexifit 432 Full Face Mask by Fisher and Paykel.

This Fisher and Paykel Full Face mask goes from the bridge of your nose to under your chin. This is good for anybody who is a mouth breather or if you suffer from allergies.

If you use nasal pillows or nasal mask, obviously you can’t use your CPAP mask at that point, use this mask. It’s very good .

Just like everything else this has its plus and minus. By the way, for full disclosure, this mask is a sample mask I received from the manufacturer, which I then used. I’ve tried it myself and then also used this to demonstrate and show my sleep apnea patients the various options there are out there and helping them find a good mask for them.

Right off the bat I’m going to tell if you’re considering this mask (Flexifit 432) I would strongly urge you to get this one, the “Forma Full Face Mask”, made by the same company. It’s a higher end mask than this. I think the Forma does a better job than this.

Just really quickly, this goes right down to under your chin. If you have no chin, or double or triple chin, really thick chin, then this is not good. If you have a very long face where your chin is really up to here then you have an issue and you can’t use this. If you have a thick goatee or beard right here this is going to be kind of tough for you.

Other than that this is a good mask. It does leak. The biggest source of leak tends to be (ironically) sometimes right here. The way to control it, and most people don’t do it, is this top strap right here. This controls this, this controls also jaw drop, the phenomena of your mouth relaxing and opening up.

Especially with the full face masks you have strong CPAP pressure ( CPAP Settings) that puffs your mouth open, it’s very uncomfortable, well this mask does a pretty good job controlling it. Once again you need to utilize these two top straps.

I want to show you real quick on the inside it looks like this. The Forma looks the same, but the inner form has ridges. Can you see where my thumb is? This is the Forma with ridges. This one doesn’t, it’s smooth.

When it comes to washing, please do not soak this foam in for 10 minutes or longer and leave it in water because you’ll end up destroying this foam very easily.

One problem with this is when you do take it off for cleaning, which you should, you see it comes in pieces. Well, can you see there’s two ridges? These things have to fit in the appropriate slots. It’s fairly easy to put it in, but I don’t know if you can see here it’s kind of tough to see.

The point I’m trying to make is if you don’t put it in properly into the grooves and make it go in all the way this mask is going to leak like crazy. It will definitely irritate you.

So you just have to take the time, study it before you dismantle it and then put it back in properly and this will work for you. Once again, I would rather you go for the Forma mask as opposed to this the Flexifit 432 . But, once again this is a good mask. With that I’m going to sign off. Sweet dreams.

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