"Please. Please Stop !" Review of Respironics Fit Life Total CPAP Face Mask 

In this video (see below) we are going to review the strengths and weaknesses of this mask, the Respironics Fit Life CPAP Full Face Mask.

~ Personally speaking, I haven’t had much success with this mask. I only have one person that I have been able to help out by recommending this and it has worked out. Generally, somebody considering  going for this should first go through all other types of full face masks before leading into this. That’s just my professional opinion. 

This is good for mouth breathers, this is good for somebody who is having really high CPAP and BiPAP pressures. This works really good for back sleepers. Somebody who has a thick mustache this works well (but not for someone who has a thick beard.)

~  Side sleepers, it is not effective, you will experience a lot of leaks. Stomach sleepers, yes, it works good.

~   Do not try use this mask and try to read in bed or watch TV, most people have commented how it dries their eyes and make it irritated.

~  Claustrophobic. If you’re suffering from claustrophobia this is definitely not the mask for you .

~  This is not good for a person who is active in bed, who tends to roll around or move around in bed a lot, this is not good. Why? Because it tends loose it seal easily and leaks.

~   The other thing is the cushion is not all together comfortable for everyone. Even though it feels kind of soft, but for some people it really does sort of bruise them. In fact, if you read the literature that comes with it they tell you to soak this thing in soapy water for 30 to 60 minutes if you have sensitive skin so you can soften this silicone cushion up a little better. 

~    The other problem here is drooling. Remember, this covers the nose and mouth. You see where the mouth is, where my finger is, I don’t know if you can see right through there. The mask comes up to here. If you’re someone who drools a lot, that can pose a little bit of an uncomfortable issue for you. 

~    Personally speaking, I’ve tried it out for two nights and my eyes were affected. They were drying out so quickly, within minutes. I found it uncomfortable. I’ve had maybe two or three other patients throughout the year since this mask has come out that have complained about that issue. 

~  Finally, one other negative that I experienced with this was, and I actually have had one or two other people mention it to me, you can actually hear yourself breathing in and out with this mask. I could hear it, so that was kind of hard for me to fall asleep with that in mind.