Fisher Paykel CPAP ICON - What's Awesome, Important......What’s Irritating about It !! (part 2 of 2)

There’s no way you would know these irritating and strong points until you actually sleep with a Fisher Paykel CPAP – ICON. By that point you are either thrilled with it or mildly irritated.

I just want you to be fully aware of these points and factor them into your decision when deciding on what CPAP machine to get. There are 3 models of the Fisher and Paykel CPAP machines - ICON NEUVO , ICON PREMO or ICON AUTO ADJUST CPAP. Please do not even consider getting the ICON NEUVO . Why?

The NEUVO is the lowest end model of the Fisher and Paykel CPAP family. You will benefit so much more from the added features the other 2 models offer.

Fisher Paykel CPAP ICON ( part 2 of 2) - Transcript from the Video Review

The negative aspect ...…Fisher Paykel CPAP Machine does not have an auto On/Off feature. However in Respironics Remstar Pro CPAP and in Resmed CPAP S9 Series you have On/Off feature.

I like to use my Auto-On as I am a bit lazy I suppose , so I like this feature a lot. The major drawback in Fisher Paykel CPAP – ICON is that you do not have an Auto On/Off feature. However in the Respironics Remstar Pro CPAP and in the Resmed CPAP S9 Series you have that.

I like to use my auto-on. I am a little bit lazy I suppose. I just like that feature. In this machine you do not have it and you cannot adjust how long the ramp timing can be. Resmed and Respironics - you can adjust the ramp time, but with the ICON you cannot.

The Fisher Paykel CPAP does not have EPR or C-Flex feature.

While ResMed and Respironics have EPR or C-Flex feature that enables exhaling easier. Its a useful feature ..

When you speak to the manufacturer, at least the sale reps will tell you that you do not need it because our heated humidifier makes it so much lighter and more efficient for you, just more comfortable.

I wish this feature was there in it , that will really does help the newbies. Somebody who has never used a CPAP before,this will truly help you get used to it.

Now, I no longer use my C-Flex feature. I shut it off. I don't need it.

But in the beginning, yes, I definitely needed it. This machine will automatically adjust itself for altitude, between 0 to 9,000 feet above sea level. It does that.

This knob here is called the Smart Dial which has an an irritating feature; its just my opinion. Once you turn the machine On - by the way, you turn the machine On by pressing this - you see the machine has not started yet. It still has not blown yet.

By this point ResMed and Respironics have already started blowing. Now it is starting to blow. It takes a while for this machine to blow.

It is not a big deal. But when you are turning it on, you might feel a little bit starving for air in the beginning, but then you just have to wait for 5 to 10 seconds maybe. I'm not sure, but it will come on. It takes a while, while the other guys start immediately.

The irritating feature that I was going to tell you about is this. Once this machine is on, 15 minutes into use it locks you out.

You can turn on and off the machine, but that is it. If you want to change the heat setting, good luck , you cannot do it . See this is what happens when you wake up, for example, in the middle of the night and you get up to use the bathroom and when you come back and wonder , " I wonder what my heat setting is?"

You just want to see the data in that. You cannot. What you have to do is you have to turn this 360 degrees, and then you can start playing around with the features in it. It is like this for the most part. Its your thermostat. For your heat, this is your alarm bell. It tells you I have shut off the alarm feature. This tells you what time the alarm could be set for. It is set for 12:00 a.m. That's the alarm sound.

This is the time, which is not true. This is the brightness. You can control the brightness. And this here, my friends, is the data reporting. For clinicians, these are all important stuff. I am going to say a couple of things you should keep in mind when you decide to buy this machine.

If you do not ask for the following things, the only data you are going to see, that you as the end user and owner of this machine can see is total compliant hours, average compliant hours over the last 30 days, 7 days, and last night, and the number of nights used since therapy commenced.

You must tell the home care company about what you are able to see ,what is your AHI (Apnea Hypopnea Index) and Leak .

For the most part, if this was on Auto, 90% during the time, where was your CPAP pressure really blowing at? So you have to ask for it. You have to ask, you have to tell them because otherwise the average home care company will not program that data into this.

Just ask for it. Tell them, "I want to see what my leak rate is and what my AHI. is."

This is important for you. So please, just keep this at the back of your mind guys , just a good piece of advice.

By the way, this machine has a feature called SensAwake. I love this feature. Let me tell you what this feature is, the SensAwake.

It only applies in the auto unit, not in the ICON Premo or the Novo, just only in the auto-machine.

In the SensAwake, the machine senses when you are about to wake up, so it lowers the pressure. Let's say it is blowing at 14, and it senses you are awake, it will lower the pressure. So it makes it easier and more comfortable for you to wake up. You are not waking up to a hurricane blowing up in your nose.

This has an Eco-mode. Under the Eco-mode, it will work under reduced power about 75 watts. The humidity output is weak. What they tell you to do is just shut it off.

Don't use the humidity. When do you use this? When you run off its battery or when you are flying on a plane and you have a place to plug it in, that is when they want you to use that.

Let me see. Is there anything else important that I need to share with you?

Oh yeah, one other thing, a lot of home care companies will generally not introduce this mask to you. Suppose if your doctor writes a prescription, a CPAP 14 centimeters or whatever, if the doctor doesn't prescribe for many reasons, I think the cost of this is a little bit on the higher side of it.

Even if the insurance is paying for it, the cost to the home care company might be a little bit on the higher side. I suspect that.

Many therapists find this a lot more of a hassle to program. Not too many people are familiar with it, but this is a good unit.

In all my videos I have pointed out about the mask and the Fisher and Paykel Cpap ICON , there strengths and weaknesses , as every machine and mask has its own pros and cons .

Making a better decision would later make you realize that you have done a good job .

Through this article I just wanted to go through the essential features of this Fisher Paykel CPAP and its features. So this way you have some really good information to make a better choice.

With that, I am signing out. Bye. Sweet dreams.

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