Don't Be Crazy ! So Check this Out before Deciding - Fisher Paykel CPAP ICON

Did you know the Fisher Paykel CPAP - ICON , is the most expensive CPAP machine in the market. So before you drop a boat load of money on a Fisher Paykel ICON CPAP ..... just go through its strength and weaknesses described in this webpage ..... very useful stuff for you .

So here’s what I did, I used my camcorder to clearly show you in a video format what my patients have complained and really liked about this high end Fisher and Paykel CPAP machine.

Hey! Let me tell you the Difference between - Fisher Paykel CPAP ICON, Resmed CPAP & Respironics CPAP (part 1 of 2) - Transcript

Hi. Welcome to This is the video review for the Fisher & Paykel CPAP called the ICON .

Guys , this is the ICON. I know you can see the glare or the reflection off the screen. Hopefully that's not too distracting. Over a number of videos, we will be going over the ICON, the Resmed, the Philips Respironics all of them are awesome, amazing CPAP machines . However, they do have their strengths and weaknesses.

I like to say a couple of things, I feel very strongly about this. You have a choice in the brand of CPAP machines. Most of us do. Usually how this plays out is in three ways. If the doctor writes a blank prescription and he says just "CPAP," for example, "10 cm of water," the odds are you will get the cheapest brand, the lowest model. This does not apply to all the home health care companies, because you have to understand, they are all in the same business. They will pick the lowest end model because that's the best wholesale price they get.

Now the second option is if the doctor specifically requests a brand, for example the ICON or the Resmed S9 CPAP or the Respironics CPAP - Remstar Pro series. Or the doctor highlights, "I want these particular features." and this you will only get it from a reliable Sleep Center . Then you will go for the really good ones with quality .

The third option or the third scenario is if it is you who is privately paying. And you know that ? You're in charge of your health care. You pick the features you want.

Since you're paying for it, you might as well get exactly what you want. That's what this video was actually created for, you the third person, the third scenario. You want to know your best options. You do not want to buy into the hype, just watching advertising that goes with it.

My website is strictly biased, very opinionated. I get opinions from a lot of experts. They're not just my experience, working in the same field. It is slanted. So just spend a few minutes. Watch this video and let's run with it. Here we go.

This is the ICON. I'm sorry, this is definitely not the quietest machine on the market. The quietest machine is actually the Resmed CPAP Machine.

As far as the sound decibel points goes, this comes in at 29 decibels. The Resmed S9 unit is a lot quieter (24 decibels). The Fisher & Paykel ICON and the Remstar Pro by Respironics are tied about the same. There's going to be a lot of literature from the different manufacturers disputing this fact. But, you know what, I like to quote what my wife says . If you ask my wife, anything compared to my snoring, before I started using the CPAP, “ is damn quiet”.

So, for a good number of people, four decibels difference in sound makes absolutely no difference. But for some people, hell, it makes a lot of difference. As far as sound goes or noise factor, please keep the following points in mind:

a) What is your CPAP setting? The higher your CPAP settings the louder the sound.

b) Type of CPAP Tubing – 15 mm or 22 mm . Did you dial in the right CPAP Tubing size into programming mode.

c) The type of CPAP mask you use. Example - Someone using CPAP Nasal Pillows at a CPAP setting of 16 cmH2O will rightfully say it is noisy. However not as noisy if that person uses a CPAP Full Face Mask. Also, make sure you have the appropriate size mask. A leaky CPAP mask will be noisy to you and your bed partner.

d) Every CPAP brand has their own unique signature sound.

e) The sound of your breathing, when you put the CPAP mask on while the CPAP machine is turned on.

f) How sensitive is your bed partner to the total sound.

This is, like I said, it's louder than this, but it's not distracting. It's really not distracting. I have not had a single sleep apnea patient complain about the sound issue on this. With that said, let me just move forward.

As far as weight, this is about 4.8 pounds. The Resmed CPAP, when you look at the literature, is . . . what do they say? About 1.8 pounds. because in this one they have taken the weight without the heated humidifier.

And the Respironics Remstar Pro CPAP is about 2.8 pounds as its is weighed with the heated humidifier which is inbuilt . The heated humidifier is stuck into here. You cannot disconnect it. You cannot detach it. So you've got to weigh that.

The other issue is here. Can you see this is the Resmed S9 CPAP? It has a power brick or a power supply.

Same thing with the Respironics CPAP – Remstar model. It has a power supply. You can add close to a pound to it at least. This guy does not have it.

I'll show you in another video that it does not have it. So this is something for you to know about.

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