Fisher Paykel CPAP Humidifier - This Home Made Video Review Was Made Made With You In Mind.

Please hear me out. If you suffer from chronic dryness and also require a CPAP Machine. You must then seriously consider getting the Fisher Paykel CPAP humidifier.

This humidifier comes attached to the Fisher Paykel CPAP ICON. This is the most powerful heated humidifier in the market today.

I have worked with a lot of sleep apnea patients with Chronic Dryness that truly benefited from using this machine.

I created this video to show you its strengths and weaknesses. Check this out….

Description of the Fisher Paykel CPAP Humidifier Video Review - Transcript

Hi. This is the Fisher Payekl CPAP Heated Humidifier. You cannot detach the heated humidifier from the ICON, okay? It is part of the unit, unlike the Resmed CPAP Heated Humidifier.

You see, this is the heated humidifier, and this is the Respironics heated humidifier. So you can travel without them. That makes them a little bit lighter. But with this you cannot do that.

The other thing about this is, and I wished they had this feature -that is , you cannot preheat the water before using it. In Resmed, Yes, you Can. You can preheat it, a fantastic feature , latest System , I just found out yesterday.

One Heated Humidifier by Philips Respironics you can now start to preheat it. I have not worked on it yet, but I heard about it and I spoke to Respironics and got a little bit more information. I'll add that on the video at a much later point. Lets get back to --Fisher & Paykel. Their heated humidifier, however, in my opinion; is Biased as far as Superiority is concerned. I have been taught by a number of really, really fantastic sleep doctors.

They really have a passion for sleep medicine, and they have always recommended the Fisher & Paykel Heated Humidifiers for anybody who has chronic dryness, for example, Sjogren's Syndrome. I have worked with many patients who have sleep Apnea and have Sjogren's Syndrome, and this ,Fisher & Paykel Heated Humidifier, either on the ICON or the previous models, CPAPs, are the only ones that really did a Knock Out job on it.

Now a couple of things I do want you to take a note of . The negative feature is here - in the middle of the night if you want to know what your water level is, there’s no way of finding out, unless you open it. So that's a negative feature.

Guys, especially the Philips Respironics is the best. You can eyeball it easily. This lid here is a handle. As you can see, I'm carrying it.

However, to open this, you need a little bit of strength. If you have weak hands, you have arthritis, this is an issue. It is difficult. I've had enough complaints about it, because you have to press down and open it.

Now, I've heard the manufacturers are trying to make this a lot easier, and kudos to them, but as of now, these are complaints that I get. I'm just telling you the experience that I get from helping sleep Apnea patients using these things.

Now, this is the chamber. Let me take this out. This is your chamber. It's dishwasher safe. Fantastic. By the way, you have to put it only in the top rack, okay, guys? Top rack only. But it is dishwasher safe. This is your heater, and this is waterproof.

In case water does get into the electronics, they are water protected. I've spoken to the manufacturer on this. According to the sales representative , whom I spoke to some time ago, they told me that if a significant amount of water enters here, there are openings in the bottom where it can just drain out. That is good to know.

But one drawback is , when you shut the machine off, and as long as this is plugged in, it does emit or create a little bit of heat. So this bothers some people.

I've got to tell you, a true story. I had just set up this person on the ICON, and she was complaining within a week that there was a leakage in the system. There was water in here, which was leaking. I could not understand what the issue was.

So, to be on the safer side, we provided her with another chamber. The same problem again she complained off. When I looked into it and I spoke with technical support, that's when I found out that this produces heat. Sometimes you will get condensation.

So there's nothing wrong with this, there's condensation because there's a slight amount of heat constantly being produced. The best solution for it , if that bugs you, unplug it totally .

I do want to mention one more thing. This heater is fantastic, I want to see if I can get into this thing here. Let me show you real quick. Let me zoom in. So you can set the heat setting from 0 to 7.

Now if you hold this down for three seconds, you see this additional thermostat. This is called Boost.

Basically, you have two diagrams or symbols of a thermostat. Now you have three and 21 heat settings. To whom should this be useful ?

Once again, I like to mention that this will be suitable for somebody who lives in a really cold region , and also if you have significant dryness, this machine is suitable for you.

This is such a plus point guys. I have personally used this machine. I've used all the machines out there and almost every CPAP mask out too, so from my experience I can say it feels good Its different too. By the way, I would also like to mention , that this machine is a little bit louder however not overly loud and neither it bothers me at all. But, as far as the heat, the air feels so much lighter. I have done a blindfold study. I think I mentioned that before, close to a blindfold study but they didn't really blindfold me. But when using this with the ThermoSmart tubing, the air feels much lighter. Now, with that said, I'm going to be jumping into other areas. So, I'm just going to pause the video real quick.

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