Fisher and Paykel CPAP - There Are 4 Videos On This Page For You

Learn everything you can upfront, no BS, just the truth about the latest Fisher and Paykel CPAP. It is called the Fisher Paykel ICON . I want you to know all about its strengths and weaknesses upfront, no surprises. So I created a series of useful short videos …

Fisher Paykel CPAP ICON - Power Supply, Voltage, Battery Use, Filter Management

Hi. I had to stop for a second. , just wanted to go over the power supply for the Fisher and Paykel CPAP.This thing will convert if you travel internationally.

It has no problems converting. The voltage is 100 to 240 volts. It will automatically convert for you. You just need to buy the appropriate adapter.

Yes, you can hook up a battery, but you need to get an inverter. Fisher & Paykel has recommended a certain type of battery to go with this. I think a lot of the manufacturers recommend a certain type, but many people use generic types also. Once again, Fisher & Paykel recommends a particular type.

On the battery, however, they tell you not to run the heated humidifier, and I'll show you how that can be done. If you run it on battery, this will last you approximately 10 to 12 hours. If you use the heated humidifier, the battery will last about two to three hours. So, this is something for you to think about.

Now, the filter is here. Can you see this? They give you two filters. According to the manufacturer, the filter needs to be changed every three months or every 1,000 hours worth of running time or when significantly dirty.

If you have allergies, you live in a dusty environment, if you have pets, or if you place the unit on the floor, and this applies to any brand, you need to change that filter frequently, as frequently as once a month or once every two months.

A good idea is for you to check on it at least every week. Once a week, once every two weeks, just eyeball it so you can gauge how dirty it is. You cannot wash this filter . It has to be replaced.

This is a ResMed. It's a hypoallergenic filter, I believe. You cannot wash it but has to be replaced. However, Respironics uses two types of filter. This white filter which is equivalent to this in that, and then they put this grey, gross filter on top of it. This can be washed. A lot of people will end up just using this and not this, if they don't have allergies.

This is what I've been noticing when I go to patient's homes. If you are somebody who just doesn't have the time or bandwidth to think about oh yeah, I need to remember to order filters , well this is something to think about.

You have to replace filters, as opposed to the Resprionics, you don't. If you choose not to use this, you just keep washing this until it breaks down on you. That's how most people do it.

ICON - Smart Stick Data Card

Hi. I like to talk to you about data collection. The Fisher and Paykel CPAP ICON has three models.They all take data, but the higher the model, which in this instance is the ICON Premo and the Auto, the higher the model, the more data they get, the more critical data that your doctor and other clinicians need in making this work better for you.

The same thing with ResMed and Respironics. How is it done with this. They call this the smart stick.It's a proprietary USB flash drive. That comes out of here. You can't just use any USB flash drive. This, in fact, has a couple of tunes in it, like melodies in it, because this ICON also functions as an alarm clock for you. So you can wake up to this. Now, this is the one thing I wish Fisher & Paykel did.

They have a software called a Smart Stick Studio software, where this enables you to download songs to this, so you can wake up to the songs you like. But you have to buy it. You have to pay extra. On top of paying for all the other stuff, you have to pay extra for that. It's somewhere between $10 to $20.

I really wished it had this feature. Now, the data collection on ResMed is an SD card, and the same goes for Philips Respironics .

So, with that, let me just pause it for a second, and I want to jump right into the heated humidifier. I believe that's what I'm going to do next.

Hold on.

ICON - Tubing ThermoSmart Elbow

I'm back here again. I had put you on pause temporarily. The tubing, they give you a straightforward tubing here. Once again, my daughter took that tubing, but it will be a tubing similar to this that's made by Fisher & Paykel that fits in here.

But what I really suggest you is pay the little extra money and get the ThermoSmart tubing. Can you see this part here? Let me zoom in a bit. Can you see this? Okay. The ThermoSmart tubing goes in here and it connects right in there.

The ThermoSmart tubing is a tubing that has heated wires embedded into it, so it maintains the temperature and the humidity through out the tubing, so you don't have to rain out condensation water in the tubing or in your face mask, which can wake you up. It's very uncomfortable.

The other thing, I'll tell you about is the blindfold studies I have done. Well, not purely blindfold, but close to being blindfold studies with the ICON especially. The ThermoSmart tubing, as opposed to not having the ThermoSmart tubing, the same CPAP pressure feels lighter .

It feels so much good , ah! It's really good.

Now, the other brand that has it is the ResMed. They use one, too, right here. Guys, the Respironics, they do not have it.

Now, let me go back here. One thing you have to be careful about is some people have complained to me is this elbow does come out. I'm not going to try to pull it out, and I have to go back and attach it.

You can get a replacement elbow from Fisher & Paykel or from any medical equipment companies. But this is something for you to think about.

ICON Ramp - I forgot to mention

Oh yeah, just one thing I totally forgot, very important, just to let you know , this machine obviously has a Ramp, just like all the other machines.

However, you cannot adjust the length of the Ramp, meaning how many minutes. ResMed and Respironics, you can change the ramp time from 40 minutes up to zero minutes, and also what the ramp starting pressure is.

This one you cannot. By the way, to turn the ramp on, you hold this on for three seconds, and then you see right here, the ramp symbol is on. This one is factory set.

The formula here is this. It becomes one-third of your prescribed CPAP settingCPSP setting, and it's factory set to go at 20 minutes.

A lot of people, including myself, sometimes like the ramp - once again, I don't use the ramp - but there are a lot of people who get used to the ramp, you want to reduce the ramp time sometimes for example. You cannot do that with this.

All right. I wish you could, but anyway I just wanted to mention that to you.


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