Devilbiss IntelliPAP CPAP System - Video Review (Part 4 of 4)

I am excited to show you how uniquely the Devilbiss IntelliPAP CPAP System allows you to have access to your own data. Let me repeat that - your data. The is a very important point. DeVilbiss CPAP machines does it so differently then the Resmed CPAP machines, Respironics CPAP machines and Fisher Paykel CPAP machines.

Hi, in this video I want to provide information about the

Data. The difference, once again, the data here in this Auto Adjust CPAP , is phenomenal, its the Rolls-Royce of the DeVilbiss CPAP family. I will be providing more information on it through this Video. Now if you compare that to the 2 regular straight forward Devilbiss IntelliPAP CPAP System .... there is two types of regular CPAPs, like I mentioned in another video, they have a Standard and a Standard Plus .

The higher the model ( DeVilbiss CPAP - Standard Plus model) the more costly it is and yes you have to pay more ,unfortunately , but you get more data , this way its an advantage. And the data you get in this Standard Plus and in this Auto Adjust is the AHI and Leak Rate in SmartFlex.

You know the feature called “SmartFlex”. As you opt for higher models, you get more features and yes its costly .

Now here's the thing, you can if you want to just spend a little extra money. Do you remember I was telling you in another video that the cost of this, with the heated humidifier, it's around between $460 to $500.

Well for $590, you can get another device attached in here, so that you can see the reports on your computer.

But I'm going to tell you, you don't need to do that.

But here's the thing I really love, if you go to, you can generate your own reports.

You can definitely generate your own reports. This is all you have to do, when we're at this screen here, this left button here, you press it. It gives you what they called a "smart code".

You can put it for one day, seven days, 30 days, or 90 days. You decide what's good for you. So that's seven days. What is that - 30 days, okay, then after that, then you can go in and put in your serial number and the report is generated . I'm going to show you the report.

In the meantime, there is another screen that comes here, the Quick View Menu, you can see this Guys. I'm tilting it. It tells you how many days above four hours you use.

HI, about your Leak Rate, and how many hours your used on this thing. Okay. its shown very minimal on this LCD screen , The Respironics shows you a heck of a lot more. The ResMed shows much more, Fisher shows you a lot more. This shows you minimal here.

But, for free, if you go on the internet, on , you can print out this report. I hope you can see this. This is for free. This is what us the clinicians use, and doctor use to help you, or any Sleep Apnea patients, and also I use it for myself too. It also creates graphs.

They have one more feature for you to note , I want to see if you can see it. I'm sorry right here."Exhale Puff Index". This is the only CPAP which provides this. It tells us - for example when you are using nasal pillows or CPAP Nasal Mask, and if the masking either enters your nostril or just covers your nose and If you happen to open your mouth and air's leaks out of it, it will show up in the "Exhale Puff Index". Hence its very helpful to you.

And that means two things. One, use a chin strap, if you love that mask a lot. And see if this number is going down.

Or number two, time to change into a CPAP full face mask, a mask that covers your nose and mouth. Stop by the website, I'll show you reviews of almost all types of CPAP mask out there, the strength and weaknesses.

Once again, that's the reason why I'm showing you this video, to show you the strength and weakness of the CPAP machine. Fantastic, free report, on your own. This is the stuff that a lot of other companies, manufacturers deny you to really have hands on, so you go for All right.

So this puts a lot of control in you. I just like to share with you that I use a ResMed system, and I was using their data.

Regardless which machine you use, the data is important. So Go up, spend a little extra money. I know it's easy to say, but if you can, or if your insurance pays for it.

Due to the data here, I have changed. Because I started of using nasal pillows and nasal mask, I felt good.

But when I read the data, I realised I needed to do something different . The data prompted me to change my CPAP mask to a CPAP full face mask. I now feel so much better. And it shows that the therapy is working even more effective.

Now, I urge you to take an active role in your therapy. Just don't leave it to the doctors to do that. You need to take an active role.

This machine and all the other major manufacturers put that control in you. It gives you the resources. Now, with that I'm going to pause, and jump into another video.

Hi, in this video it's about CPAP tubing, where the tubing connects and about the functioning of tubing. And for the life of me, I can't find my Devilbiss CPAP tubing for this video.

But, the point I wanted to show you is the tubing goes right here, if you're using the DeVilbiss CPAP heated humidifier. The tubing goes here.

Other wise, if you are not using the heated humidifier, you have to press this, take it out. You see there's a cap here and there's a opening here. You take this rubber cap and you plug up the hole here.

This, by the way, what I'm showing you, just to make it more clear, is if you intend to use this DeVilbiss CPAP, this unit just by itself , without the heated humidifier, you cap the bottom part, and you attach your tubing here. So, the negative point is - let me show you this, if you use this or here, which ever way, there is no swivel. There is no elbow to turn to make it easy for the tubing to work with you.

By the way, talking about CPAP tubing, one of the draw backs and complaints, minor complaints, that people complain about the tubing that comes with this Devilbiss IntelliPAP CPAP System, is it's a little bit rigid. Okay, so once again, that's a personal prefrence. ,b>Phillips Respironics CPAP makes really good CPAP tubing called, Performance Tubing. It's very light weight, but if you don't like it you can always get another brand, ResMed ,Fisher and Paykel also has it.

But, that's one of the minor complaints that I have heard before. Okay, with that let me stop.

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