DeVilbiss CPAP - What you must know. ( A Video Review)

I want to show you the differences between the DeVilbiss CPAP and the Respironics CPAP, Resmed CPAP, and Fisher & Paykel CPAP.

The DeVilbiss CPAP consist of 3 models .... Devilbis IntelliPAP Auto Adjust CPAP model , IntelliPAP Standard model and IntelliPAP Plus model .

I just got to say a couple of things, there are no irritating Beeps in this DeVilbiss CPAP machine. In the

Respironics CPAP machines every time you turn it on will hear “ Beep Beep Beep” . Now this tends to irritate a number of bed partners , because especially if you want to go to bed later than your wife or your husband . Its easy to use , the Buttons are easy to use , on and off switch is easy and full-sized . If you are not technically inclined , and you want to learn the extra features this machine has , it can feel overwhelming .

You can change the Ramp or Delay Time . The minimum pressure on this machine ( delay switch ) is 3 cmH2O. In this machine the lowest pressure that can be programmed to is 3 cmH2O , in other CPAP brands, the lowest pressure it can go down to is 4 .

In this Sleep Apnea machine you can adjust the ramp time , meaning You as the end user can adjust how long the Ramp time is but not the Ramp starting pressure

In the newer Respironics machine you can adjust both the Ramp Time and Length Of The Ramp Time.

Languages : There are 10 languages that can be programmed into this machine , English , French , Spanish , Dutch , Italian , Svenska , Norsk , Dansk and number of others.

Mask fit check : They say they have a mask fit check , I have to say it is not like the way the Resmed CPAP has it , which is phenomenal. In the Resmed unit you press a button , you put the mask on for the next 3 minutes or so its just going to check to see if you have a good seal on your CPAP Mask .

In the Devilbiss CPAP machine, it will indicate to you that there is a leak in your mask. It’s a visual message that flashes across the screen.

In the Respironics CPAP it will beep , this is good because then if you are doing this for a child or for another person , you as the caregiver hear it and can rush to their side and help them.

Important Things to be taken into account : Now a couple of things you must ask the Home Care Medical Equipment Provider to ‘Turn On’ for you.

-Please do not tell them to lock up the ‘Delay Time’ or the ‘Tubing length’. You can program the Tubing length of the CPAP tubing for 6 feet to 10 feet.Now if you like to sleep in the center of the bed , get a 10 foot tubing.

Also tell them to not lock out the ‘Auto On and Off ' feature. ‘ Auto on and Off ’ means ..... all you have to do is put the mask 'On' and breathe , take a few breaths and it turns 'On'. Now to turn the DeVilbiss CPAP off....just take the mask off your face and it shuts 'Off'. This feature is very responsive. I was really impressed with it .

Do not lock out the Smart Flex settings if possible , now some doctors will say no , do not play around with the Smart Flex settings. Always discuss this issue with your doctor first before changing the parameters of this feature.

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