Devilbiss CPAP Humidifier ( Video Review - Part 3 of 4)

This is the DeVilbiss CPAP Heated Humidifier (Video Review) from the developers of IntelliPAP CPAP . All their CPAP models use the same type CPAP Humidifier. This particular heated humidifier is good.

But I want to show you a couple of things about it. Like every CPAP machine and CPAP humidifier out there, it has its strength and weaknesses too , as normally all CPAP machines do possess . And it's very unique to You , as a user , how you feel about it !!! Okay. With this particular CPAP, there's a

rubber gasket. If you're using this, can you see this, there is a hole on the bottom here. If you're using the CPAP by itself this little rubber plug has to go in the bottom. If you're going to use your CPAP humidifier, you take it out and plug the top.

Just be careful you don't break this. I checked with the manufacturer and they have refused to supply a replacement part. And then put it On.

By the way let me show you the Canister. It has a huge plate, and the same thing here. This is good. This is really big actually, so that makes heating this a little bit more uniform and quicker, all right, pretty effective on this thing.

I wished it to in blue color and the reason why it is so , is that it's a little bit tougher to figure out what the water level is. So let me show you this, to open this, it's not this here, it's here, you just have to push it down .

You see it's like a maze in here, like a pinball thing; this is a maze in here. And what happens, because you have the bigger surface area, water has to bounce through all these things. It creates turbulence; apparently it helps. It does a better job providing you humidification. And then you just have to be careful about the hinges, you close it. Now this goes in here.

Now, this is the part I want to show you. According to the manufacturer, this holds about 400 ML of distilled water.

Do not use spring water, or tap water, distilled water, so as to avoid mineral deposits in here .

This is the part I don't like; I wished it to be a little better. You pour the water through here and spilling is much easy. Can you see it's just through this here? The other guys are lot more easier to pour distilled water into and avoid spilling . But looks are deceiving, according to them, this is even more than the Respironics, but that's just what they say .

Anyway, it goes this way. You can see the water level, a little more easier on the side, in here. But once again I wish this was clear in color, more transparent so you can see the water level.

The best CPAP Heated Humidifier , where you can see your water level through the night is the Respironics, clearly the best, as far as visually looking at it. And then let me just attach this; it's from front to back, and close this.

All right. Now, couple of other things. Oh, yeah. this is very important for you to note . I need to show you is that , On the cap here, I don't know if you guys can see. Can you see there's like a rubber band? It's a washer, a gasket, make sure this thing is in place don't break it , in case if it breaks you can get extra ones .

You need this; it helps to keep the water in there, instead of spilling out of it. The reason why I am pointing this out is because I've had in the past, in different older CPAP models.

Their heated humidifier had it, and people had lost it, and misplaced the gasket, and they don't know what to do, because then it leaks, so that's just something I need to bring to your attention.

Here is something negative about it; you cannot pre-warm this before you use it. Once you turn the machine on, and this is how you turn the heat level, And it goes from zero to 10. It starts off, the starting pressure is about 74 degrees Fahrenheit, and the highest it'll go is about 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

The recommended start setting should be 4 , and then you take it from there. You want more moisture, make that number go higher, the heater will create more heat, and gives you more moisture. You want less moisture go down on the number.

Okay. If you choose to buy this, please buy this when you buy the CPAP. And here's the reason why, it's cheaper. You get a bigger discount, when you buy this along with this, they bundle it.

If you buy this at a later point, you will pay more. This is true especially on the internet. In the real world, in the home medical equipment companies, I have never seen them give discounts on this bundle, but they might. I'm sure there is, across the world, they do it or in this country, but I just haven't come across them.

All right. The canister subject feels like it's going to break, but I haven't heard of anyone complaining that this breaks, the latch breaks easily.

Let me check on my notes real quick. I know that there is something that I need to say.

Oh, yeah. This is the part ,There's two things I want to say. One negative part is , you can not use a heated tubing with this. They do not have a provision for it . ResMed, Fisher and Paykel are the only companies that make an attached heated CPAP tubing.

And the reason why you have a heated CPAP tubing is because it would reduce condensation , water in your tubing and mask, especially during the winter time, when the weather is really cold. This one you can not do that.

The other thing is, I have checked with the manufacturer asked them this question, "Is the electronics protected from water spillage?" and the answer they gave impressed me. According them , we can see this line on up here, is where all the electronic parts are.

So water really has to go through like a labyrinth, so to speak, you really have to get it all the way up there to damage the electronics part. So once again, all the major electronic part, are really up here. So according to the manufacturer, this makes it really safe . So I'm just quoting what they demonstrated to me.

All right. I guess, I have covered almost all points as far as the heated humidifier of DeVilbiss IntelliPAP is concerned.

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