CPAP Use Causing Dental and Jaw Issues

by Joanne Paluzzi
(Montreal, Canada)

I cannot tell you how relieved I am to have found your sight. I have just starting navigating through it and have already learned so much. In October it will be three years that I will have my CPAP machine and I am still struggling. The first mask was the Comfort Gel and and the second one I got ws the Mirage Quattro Fx. The leaking on both are unbearable. The Comfort Gel was more comfortable but more bulky. I am an extremeley active sleeper and usually end up on my stomach or side. Tomorrow I have an appointment at my clinic here in Montreal and will ask to try the Resmed Swift Fx and the Mirage Activa LT. Based on your videos, these two seem to to be the best bet for me. I hope one of them will help me finally sleep soundly all night. I am also tempted by the Sleepweaver CPAP Mask and might buy that one at a later date.

I was wondering if any of your patients ever commented on having issues with their teeth, gums and jaw after starting with the CPAP machine. I have noticed severe pressure-like sensations in my gums and jaw. I feel I may have developed TMJ but haven't really pursued that with a specialist yet. My dentist says it is not due to the health of my teeth per se. I am just wondering if after so many years of sleeping with my mouth open, now that I am sleeping with a closed mouth, do you think this may be causing a shifting in my facial bone structure. It also feels like my right ear is blocked all the time and this might sound funny but when I put earphones on, the one for my right ear does not stay in. It is like my ear is too small or is now oval shaped.

Anyway thank you so much for this site and all the information you share.

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Jun 13, 2012
Active Sleeper/ Dental Issues from using CPAP
by: CpapHelpDesk

• You are so welcome. I am thrilled you found the website helpful.

• The Sleepweaver advanced and the Resmed Mirage FX …both are nasal CPAP masks that are extremely light weight. They should not put any undo pressure on the gum line. ( Or at least I have not received any complaints from anyone on these masks).

• My children’s dentist have commented that when someone opens their mouth for long periods of time, this could cause an overbite. The upper row and the lower row do not align well.

• However I have not had any complain or mention that their jaw line had shifted after starting to use their CPAP.

• I personally have not heard anyone complain of the ear issues you have. That sounds unusual. Please inform your physician about it.

• The newest mask that is out about 8 months or so that is very good for Active Sleepers is the Respironics True Blue mask. I had not reviewed it yet on the website because I was waiting for more personal feedback from my patients. This is definitely much lighter weight than the Resmed Soft Gel mask.

• I would also recommend you search “CPAP Forum” on any search engine of your choice – Google or Yahoo. Pitch your question there and see if anyone else there has had similar problems and what their specialist have helped them with. There are many good CPAP forums like, and plenty more. Please check them all out.

Your goal is to sleep 5 minutes more with your CPAP than the night before. In other words, I am encouraging you to build on the success of the night before. Do it incrementally.

3 years and still struggling….. Joanne, you are not alone. Just last week I was working with patient and he is still struggling with the use of his BIPAP over 5 years out. But he still uses it because he feels the rejuvenating benefit of it whenever he uses his machine. No matter how little hours he can use it.

Don’t Give Up :)


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