CPAP Travel To Different Time Zones. (Different Countries)

This is a CPAP Travel Question I recently received ......

I am in Europe, from Australia, and the machine resets its data about 04:00. This equates to 12:00 noon in Australia. Although it is probably not vital I know what is going on with the machine, I am interested! The foregoing suggests to me that the machine has an in-built clock! I want to know how to reset the clock to local time in Europe and then back to Australian time when I return to home.

Many thanks

John K

Our Response

Hi John,

I don’t think you will like the first 2 answers.

a) The only way to have access to the internal clock for the ResMed S9 Autoset CPAP is via the clinical programming mode. In the United States only a licensed practioner should have access to the clinical mode. Thus I am not allowed to reveal it. So sorry John.

Now it may be more liberal in Australia. Give ResMed technical support a call. They “might” tell you. Here is their contact info: ResMed Ltd

1 Elizabeth Macarthur Drive
Bella Vista NSW 2153

+61 (2) 8884 1000

1800 658 189 (toll-free)

+61 (2) 8883 3114

b) Every time you change the date or the time….it would erase all the data on the ResMed S9 CPAP (Autoset). Yikes. Be careful. You might want to re-think this.

c) I urge you to see the videos on the upper right side of this page - Resmed S9 Autoset - Critical Information You Must Know How To Use

This will enable you to play a more active role on your CPAP therapy. I do it every morning

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