CPAP Supplies - A useful CPAP Replacements Parts Guide

CPAP Supplies are so damn expensive !!

• If your CPAP mask used to work fantastic, but now it is leaking all over the place, it is time to replace the cushions or the masks.

• Your cushions or pillows have been stretched out, squished, torn, or cracked as it aged.

• I never used to believe it, but the manufacturers always recommend changing the CPAP mask every 6 months and the cushions every month. It is true.

• Somewhere between the 3rd month and the 6th month, the average CPAP mask/pillow will not work as good as when you first got it.

• It is cheaper to just replace the cushions or the exact size pillow you need.

• Hygienic Reasons. The average CPAP user does not frequently clean the mask as they should… is busy.

• The life span of a mask is dictated by :

a) Honestly, how often/how many times a night are you really using your CPAP/BiPAP? The more hours you put in, the more the CPAP mask takes a beating and does not last as long.

b) How often and how you actually clean your CPAP mask is important. Facial oils and sweat have a profound impact on these silicone cushions or CPAP pillows (mucous discharge from your nose).

c) How tight do you make your CPAP headgear? The tighter you go, the more frequently you need to change the cushions. Basically, you are squishing the life out of the CPAP cushions.

You may need to replace your CPAP supplies to ensure effective therapy if you answer yes to any of these questions:

~ Mask cushions and pillows (every month)

• Have you noticed the edges of your CPAP cushion or CPAP nasal pillows become stiff or cracked?

• Has your CPAP cushion changed to a color that is very different from when you first got it?

• Are you experiencing discomfort, redness or skin irritation?

~ Device filters (every month)

• Does your filter have a layer of dust and dirt? Usually most white color filters are not washable. You are rebreathing those trapped pollutants. Also… failure to replace the filters will lead to poor performance of your CPAP machine.

~ Mask (excludes headgear) (every 3 months)

• Are you experiencing excessive leaks you never experienced before? You may be able to replace your mask or just your cushion or pillows for more comfortable therapy.

~ Tubing (standard or heated) (every 3 months)

• Have your noticed your CPAP tubing begun to change color?

• Has your CPAP tubing developed tears? Small tears can occur between the coils, causing air to escape and thus your are not getting proper therapy.

~ Headgear and chin strap (every 6 months)

• Is the Velcro on your CPAP headgear worned out and it no longer sticks or holds well

• Has your headgear stretched?

• Do you find you are over-tightening to avoid leaks?

~ Humidifier water chamber (every 6 months)

• Please be vigilant here. You can easily acquire a sinus infection if you do not clean and replace the CPAP humidifier chamber (as needed).

• Has the water chamber become discolored or cloudy?

• Is your CPAP humidifier chamber cracked and scratched up?

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