Solve Your CPAP Problems for Good!

Which irritating CPAP problems shown in this video applies to you? What is stopping you from having the best sleep you deserve?

Specific Details On How I Will Help You - Please Watch This Video

Why I Know, I Can Help You.

I am a Respiratory Therapist,  that has over 20 years of clinical experience. Everyday I help on average between 6 to 11 sleep apnea patients. These are individuals that I work with on a person to person basis.

I help them overcome their many resistance and different issues they inevitably face when they start to use their CPAP. (The exact same problems that you face.)

By the way, I use a CPAP also. So I understand the struggle you are facing. (I stop breathing an average of 78 times an hour!)

Honestly, I wish I did not have sleep apnea.

I wish I did not need to wear a CPAP mask  & be connected to a CPAP machine just to sleep every single night.

 I hate the fact that I have to take it whenever I travel overnight.

My whole family knows vacations are much better for everyone when I use it :) No joke, it is the very first thing I pack when preparing for a getaway.

There is no denying that treating my Sleep Apnea has been a true blessing in my personal life and professional life. The quality of my life has significantly improved because my sleep apnea is finally under control.

The positive effects have been like night and day for me. I know it will be the same for you also.

Every year it seems that over 40% of the patient's I personally work with, have strongly come to dislike (hate) the idea of using their CPAP.

In fact for many of them, they were starting to dread going to bed at night at the thought of having to use their CPAP machine. Simply because of the many problems they encounter.

Most of them are on the brink of quitting. I would then plead for them to give  CPAP another chance.

Humbly I must say, it is only because of my patient's willingness to try, persistence and utilizing the same advice I share with you in this guide... I am successfully able to help most of them.

 These same men and women do become faithful CPAP users much to their surprise.

Not a  surprise for me because I see this type of shift almost daily.

I know for sure it will happen for you also!

The small number of patients that do give up on CPAP, then moves on to explore alternative therapies (that I explain to you in one of the free bonuses that comes with this guide called "I Rather Die Than use My CPAP".

In this bonus,  I share the strengths and weaknesses of many powerful alternative therapies to CPAP. Most people are simply not aware of all the available alternative therapies out there.

The "Advance Level Help CPAP Video Guide" was born out of my case files of helping over thirty thousand people successfully use their CPAP machine over the last twenty years.

 I have Tons of testimonials from sleep apnea sufferers who I have successfully helped in real life, comfortably use their CPAP machine every night. These were people who dreaded the very thought of sleeping at night with their CPAP and a few have said: "I would rather die than use my CPAP."

Please take the time to read the testimonials on the right side and see if you can relate to any of them.

I am lucky to have over a million views on my YouTube channel called "CPAPHELPDESK" and thousands more on my website , who have benefitted from the various advice I have freely given for many years.

There are 4 fundamental problems I am hoping to correct:

a) About 40% of new CPAP users will give up within the first 90 days of receiving and using their CPAP machine. So there is a very good chance you might give up. I want you to be in the 60% that does use their CPAP successfully. 

b) There is a tremendous lack of useful and results producing information out there.

c) There is lots of misinformation ( bad advice ) that can cost you in physical uncomfortableness and money.

d) (Thankfully not a lot of ).... Shenanigans from various medical companies that are so profit driven at the expense of poor customer service and experience that will drive you crazy! My sincere goal is to help as many sleep apneas sufferers as possible become an educated consumer and navigate away from these problems. 

Get the "Advance Level Help CPAP Video Guide" and all the free bonuses at a discounted price of $29.00 

The 3 FREE Bonus Video Guides That Comes With This Program Are:

Get This Entire Video Guides at a discounted price of $29.00

The unconditional  30 day money-back guarantee is not just any old guarantee, it is our personal promise to you that you will succeed ... just like  thousands of other people who struggled initially using their CPAP machine.

42 Little Known Benefits

We Want You To Experience, What Our Patient's Tell Us Is The 42 Little Known Benefits.

This Was Achieved Because Of Our Help; They Were Finally Successfully Able To Use Their  CPAP, &  Control Their Sleep Apnea.

 Which One Of These Hidden Benefits Do You Want?

    1.  Finally - start to lose weight. For many people who have maintained a proper diet and exercise found it incredibly hard to lose weight…that was until they used their CPAP to control their Sleep Apnea first.

2.     Memory Improves - because the sleep apnea is well-controlled. 


3.  People like being around you more because you are no longer moody, quick to anger and irritable.  


4. Frequent urination at night gone or reduced significantly.  You can thank your untreated sleep apnea for this problem.  


5.  Better concentration at work and school.

6.    More likely to advance in your career. You can now perform at a higher level than you have been at  work. You finally have clarity, energy and drive to take on exciting projects at work.  Sleep Apnea has a way of making people do the minimal amount of work to get the job done and not get fired. Why? Because you are so darn tired all the time.  

7.   Experience sustained focus on any task at hand for longer periods of time.  

8.    Reduction in morning headaches. (The rise of the carbon dioxide due to your sleep apnea is causing it.) 

9.   No more persistent daytime sleepiness.  

10.   Better control of  nighttime heartburn.


11.    Start feeling more optimistic about life in general.   

12.  Help better control depression. Many mental health professionals will send their patients to be screened and treated (if need be) for sleep apnea.   


13.  Atrial Fibrillation is much better controlled. 

14.   Your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend can finally sleep  peacefully because you are no longer terrorizing them with your snoring, stop breathing and then chocking in your sleep drama.


15.  You finally feel comfortable sharing a  hotel room with friends when staying one or two nights in a hotel room or at a cruise. Previously no one wanted to share a bedroom with you because of your snoring.  

16.  Helps in the fight to control Type 2 Diabetes.  

17.  Better sex life. Helps in Impotence in men and helps increase Libido in women. 


18.      Helps better manage your pain. (Pain is always magnified when you don’t have a good restful sleep.)  

19.   No more waking up with dry mouth.  


20.   No more waking up with a sore throat due to sleep apnea.  

21.  You stay asleep longer.  

22.  Ability to pay attention for longer periods of time.  


23.   No more snoring that disrupts everyone in the household.  

24.  Finally rekindling your relationship with your spouse. You no longer live like roommates sharing a house. No more sleeping in separate bedrooms.  


25.   No more fighting to keep awake when driving.


26.  No more falling asleep at work.  


27.  No more falling asleep when watching a movie, TV show, attending a religious service and even worse during meetings at work.  

28.  No more feeling scared to fall asleep because you were scared to death from the feeling of choking and from being unable to breathe whenever you slept.  


29.  Reduce anxiety in general.  


30.   Better grades.  

31.  Being a better, patient and effective parent to your children. A tired parent is an ineffective parent.  


32.  Truly being a better spouse and life partner to your loved one.  Sleep Apnea prevents you from being the best you.

33.    You save a lot of money not buying fast food all the time after work. You actually have the energy to cook and clean at home after coming home from work.  


34.  You can pursue your personal goals after your work because now you have sustained energy to last through the night.  

35.  No more addicted to coffee or energy drinks to keep you going through the day.  


36.  You finally wake up feeling refreshed. (When was the last time you felt that way after a night's sleep?) 

37.  No longer unintentionally falling asleep in strange places.  


38.   No more car accidents due to you feeling sleepy or worse,  falling asleep while driving.


39.  Better social life, because you now finally have the energy to participate in social and family activities.  


40.  You will be able to Date with Confidence even though you are using a CPAP machine.  


41.   You get to keep your current job especially if you have a CDL ( Commercial Drivers License).  Critical if you are an operator of a commercial vehicle…truck driver, pilot, bus driver, train driver..etc. The Department of Transportation rules is very strict…they want proof that demonstrates that you have been using your CPAP machine at least 4 hours a day, 21 out of 30 days every month for you to keep your job.  

42.  Your Cardiologist loves you because you have significantly reduced your risk of premature death due to:

a)  High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

b)   Ischemic Heart Disease (poor blood flow to the heart)

c)   Heart Attack 

d)   Irregular Heart Rate

e)   Pulmonary Hypertension (elevation of blood pressure in blood vessels of the lungs)

f)   Stroke  

g)  Heart Failure

From Our Case Files:

This is an actual bruise on  the bridge of one of my patient's nose. It was caused by his CPAP mask. He kept using the same offending mask because he did not know what to do about it. So he did "not even try" to get proper help until it got so bad. ( I took the picture holding my camera side ways). The same type of help I rendered him,  you will get through this video guide. He did what I told him to do…thankfully the bridge of his nose healed completely….unfortunately he has a scar/skin discoloration there now. The take home lesson from this picture is…"Ignorance is never a good strategy especially when it comes to your health. Seek proper help fast and implement what you are taught."

Get This Entire Video Guides at a discounted price of $29.00. 

This Is What You Will Get :

Module 1 

– Consist of 6 Precise Videos that effectively help you solve those irritating CPAP Mask Leaks 6 different ways. 

-  99% of people struggling with CPAP mask leaks do not use any of these 6 strategies and that is why they are struggling. In fact all successful CPAP users use 1 or 2 of the strategies we show here every day!Are you employing any of them right now ?

- 3 of them you can put into practice right away and that has proven to make night and day difference for thousands of CPAP users.

Module 2 

- Consist of 10 Critical Videos That Help You Find The Most Comfortable Mask For You.

- 5 Critical things you must do when testing out a new CPAP mask before buying it. You can count on it that the most CPAP suppliers will not tell you about it , much less do it for you unless you know what they are and insist on them doing it the right way. Otherwise you are wasting your money or that one opportunity your insurance will pay for the mask. Unless you have medicare (where they will pay for a mask once every 3 months) , all other insurances will pay for a mask once every 6 months. You don't want to be stuck with a mask you hate, or one that hurts you or is just plain uncomfortable. Don't blow that chance your insurance has given you.

- How to measure your face for the mask you want at home. 

- Get this part wrong you will pay dearly for it. What you don’t know will definitely hurt you big time. 

- Most people are afraid of having to use a Full Face Mask . This video will honestly show you 11 circumstances when using a Full Face CPAP Mask is called for.  If you don't meet those 11 circumstances ….stay away from it!

- You will see the biggest obstacle that prevents people from finding and using the best CPAP mask ever. Hands down, this is a major stumbling block for most people and what we find every  day in our clinical experience.

Module 3 

 -    What to do if you are "Allergic to your CPAP Mask?" This is a true problem for some poor souls and one that most Sleep Physicians do not know what to recommend as an alternative.

-    "The CPAP mask is causing Pain and Bruising". This is one problem that is avoidable. 

-     "Puffy Eyes From Using CPAP" ,  "CPAP Redness In The Eye" ,  " My Eyes are so Dry." " CPAP Eye Pain"… all these are extremely dangerous problems for your vision that you must avoid at all cost! We will show you what to do about it. 

-  "CPAP Dry Mouth or Dry Nose ". You wake up and your mouth is unimaginably dry and/or  stuck together from using your CPAP. ( I should say sealed tight ! )  For most CPAP users they resort to having a glass of water on the night stand and it actually takes a few minutes for them to build enough saliva to hydrate their  mouth again.  Or they feel the CPAP is drying out the mucous membrane and even causing nose bleeds for some people... let us show you what works for so many people.

-    "Claustrophobia and Anxiety". If you are feeling like that to begin with….even the idea of using a CPAP mask will raise that claustrophobic or anxious feeling of the scale! For some people Panic is the word that describes what they are feeling. This CPAP video guide will show you how we have helped soooo many people overcome this hurdle. 

-    You feel your CPAP pressure is to high or much to strong"Hurricane" !That's how it feels like when you use your CPAP machine. "Its blowing my face off !" as how many of my patients would describe it as I work one on one with them to help them. The moment you turn your CPAP on or at sometime during the night…the strength of the air coming out of your CPAP machine is so overwhelming ! Let this video guide show you what you need to do and know.

-   "Side Sleeper"- People sleeping on their side typically will experience more leaks than any other position. So what can you do about it ? A lot actually. There are very specific things CPAP side sleepers must know and can do and we have a video just for you.

-   "Stomach Sleeper" - Strategies that will help you get the best sleep possible while sleeping on your stomach while using a CPAP mask.

-    "CPAP machine allergies" - you are sneezing, watery eyes only when you use your CPAP. CPAP sinus and problems - what do you do when you have a cold, sinus infection or suffer from seasonal allergies ? Let this video guide show you.

-    "Bloating". "CPAP Gas Sleep". "CPAP and morning nausea". " Air in Stomach from CPAP " .. this is what you need to know and what you can say to your sleep physician to help you overcome these problem.

-   "CPAP is too noisy" or you feel the noise level is to loud and distracting when you sleep. We will show what to do about it.

-    Mask is "sliding all over my face".

-    I have Facial Hair - Beards and/or Mustaches. Unfortunately men with facial hair experience far greater CPAP mask leaks. This guide will show you what to do.

Module 4

Consist of 3 separate videos dedicated to the use of a CPAP Chin Strap.

- Did you know there are 7 situations (you can easily find yourself in) where using a chin strap is dangerous

- Plus 13 common side effects of using a chin strap you absolutely must know!

You Will Also Get 3 Extremely Useful Bonuses

BONUS VIDEO GUIDE # 1 -   " I am Still Tired Even After Using My CPAP -  Now What ? "

FREE BONUS VIDEO GUIDE # 2 -  " I Rather Die Than Use My CPAP - This Years Best Alternatives THERAPIES  To Using CPAP "

BONUS VIDEO GUIDE # 3 - " Dating, SEX & CPAP - Which Of These Mistakes Are You Making ?

Get This Entire Video Guide and all the bonuses, at a discounted price of $29. 

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The unconditional  30 day money-back guarantee is not just any old guarantee, it is our personal promise to you that you will succeed ... just like  thousands of other people who struggled initially using their CPAP machine.

"Just wanted to express how grateful I am for your videos – you are certainly thorough! And I especially enjoyed your bonus feature about what to do if the Cpap is not helping on the fatigue front. It revealed your heart for patients (and the public)!

 Bravo … and keep up the good work!" - B.P.


“My wife bought your CPAP video guide for me because she knew I was about to give up. This was the second best thing she did. The first best thing was kicking me out of our bedroom until I got myself tested and diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea. I was scaring her with my snoring and I would stop breathing. With the help of your videos in this guide I am able to sleep so well with my CPAP and I am finally back in my on bedroom !! My wife says thank you also !”  - A. T.

“I so look forward to sleeping on the cool side of my pillow every night knowing I will wake up feeling refreshed. Before,  I dreaded sleeping with my sleep apnea machine because it would wake me up and cause so much problems. Your video guide was very helpful overcoming them. Thank You !” - C.F.

“The painful bruise, the dry eyes and claustrophobia was too much to handle. Your CPAP guide helped me solve those problems. Thank you for those videos.” – L.G.

"The air leaking from my CPAP mask was killing my eyes. The dryness was unbearable. The advice you showed was priceless and it works. Thanks." -  A.P.

“What the heck. First the outrageous co payment I had to pay just to get my cpap.  Then all the difficulties that I had to endure trying to sleep with it. And then I had to shell out extra money for this guide – I was pissed. But you helped. Your videos really helped. I am finally able to sleep with my cpap machine and Pilairo nasal pillows.”  -  S.N.

“When discussing my problems with my doctor and the tech who set me up with my CPAP , it always seemed like I was always missing some important piece of information. Your videos provided the solutions I needed. I sleep an average of 5 to 6  hours now with the mask and machine. I feel rested.” – D.D.

“My DME company was shocked how much I knew and what exactly I wanted of them!  I told them they should buy your guide and have all their techs learn from it.” – K.A.

“I have been using a CPAP for close to 3 months and I hated it! So many problems.  My mask constantly hurt my nose and teeth and it always seems difficult to inhale. My medical equipment supplier was off no help. Your videos helped so much! I am getting better at using it now and also feel better” -  C.B.

“I am not optimistic I can ever sleep with my CPAP or a BIPAP. Your educational videos are very good. You were absolutely right in the video in that I need to probably use a BIPAP machine.  My sleep specialist also recommended that I be tested for it.  I just can’t get myself to take another one of those awful sleep test again. It just me. Nothing ever comes easy to me. I like what you said in the bonuses.”   - K. F.

“I just wanted to thank you for your help via the videos. You really know your stuff.”  -  A.H. 

“I was just given the BiPAP machine and minimal instructions on how to use it.  Getting follow up help from my home care company was frustrating to say the least. Your guide really helped me solve many of the issues I faced and provided more than one solutions. Thank you !”  - S.R. 

“Yeah! I finally can sleep more than 1 hour and half  with my CPAP! Before it was only about 10 minutes. I know it may not seem like a lot but I feel because of your help I will slowly increase my sleep time.  It’s true I actually feel more rested  as I put in more sleep time with my CPAP mask and machine.“ -  W.S.

“ I really appreciate your hard work and sincerity. The guide was extremely helpful. Thanks.” – G.T.

“The videos have been a HUGE help. I just wanted to say thanks.”   C.N.

“I used  your recommendations and it helped tremendously! Very helpful videos. Thank you so much” – B.R.

 “You explained it so well . Thank you so much. God Bless” – R.A.

“Sooo helpful ! How ridiculous that my equipment supplier was not able to help me like  all your videos did. God bless. “  -  L.K.

“The 2 modules that helped a lot was “Knowing the proper way to find the right mask” and “How to handle high CPAP settings” was the most impactful for me. Finally after 2 months of torture,  I was successfully able to find the best mask for me using the principles outlined in this guide. Especially when my CPAP setting is set for 18, it is very hard to find  masks that is comfortable, not leak, work within my limited budget and finally where I can sleep with it all” – T.H.

“Very useful and practical. The bonuses were great. I am giving myself a few more months to really try using the CPAP with your help from the videos. If I can’t seem to make it work , I am going to use the advice you gave in the free bonuses. Very useful. Thank you.”  -  V.M.

“It’s not easy in the beginning and that is okay. You are not alone feeling this. Many new CPAP users feel this way. Please don’t give up. Please trust me I have been where you have been. Stick with it. It is definitely worth it.”  - That’s what you said to me  last year. You were so right. What you said, your personal story and your video guide. It really helped me with my anxiety and helped me overcome my CPAP problems. I can’t even think of sleeping  without it now.  Can you imagine that ! Thank you so much.  -   J.M.

“I don’t know who is more grateful for your video guide - me or my wife or my kids. :) So helpful. I finally can use my CPAP all through the night ! Thank you !” – P.C.

“I love the detail videos and your explanations. So spot on.” – J.T.

“I really appreciate all the help you gave in this product. I keep referring back to it. So much useful advice even my doctor did not mention when I complained of my difficulties with using my CPAP. Worth buying it.” – G.R.


“Thank You for all your educational videos. I'm just diagnosed with sleep apnea and you are educating me on the equipment and what to expect.  Most of the people I know gave up using their CPAP quickly. I won’t. I am beginning to feel better. Keep up the great work you are doing. You do make a difference. Thanks Again. ”  -  B.B.

“Thank you so much for taking the time to create all those videos in your guide.” – J.C.

“What the heck. First the outrageous co payment I had to pay just to get my cpap.  Then all the difficulties that I had to endure trying to sleep with it. And then I had to shell out extra money for this guide – I was pissed. But you helped. Your videos really helped. I am finally able to sleep with my cpap machine and Pilairo nasal pillows.”  -  S.N.

“I love my CPAP thanks to your guide. So helpful.” - A.V

“Very informative and useful video instructions. “ - P.G.

“I got way more than I bargained for. Your video guide was very effective.” – N.D.

“Your videos should come with all CPAP machines.”  – M.B.C.

"The air leaking from my CPAP mask was killing my eyes. The dryness was unbearable. The advice you showed was priceless and it works. Thanks." -  A.P.


“ I am so glad I watched your videos. Made a vey big difference.”  W.H.

“I am so glad I bought your videos. This has been so helpful. I honestly thought there was no hope for me and I was about to give up.” – C.B.


“Recently diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and I am new to using the machine.  Had lots of problems. Your videos have helped me in choosing the best masks and over come a few other irritating issues.” – H.G

“Your bonuses was very helpful. Just knowing what other options I should be talking to my doctor about as an alternative to using CPAP was worth the price .” – S.T.



“I honestly never  imagined that I could successfully sleep with a CPAP and mask. Never.  Now I feel horrible when I don’ t use it for whatever reason. The advice you shared on the videos works. Thank you. “ – S.M.

“I agree with the other reviews. Your videos were extremely helpful.”  A.H.


“Still struggling but no where as much. Your video guide book really helps. God bless.”  -  W.N.

“When discussing my problems with my doctor and the tech who set me up with my CPAP , it always seemed like I was always missing some important piece of information. Your videos provided the solutions I needed. I sleep an average of 5 to 6  hours now with the mask and machine. I feel rested.” – D.D.

“Great info. Your advice worked great . Thanks for the detail videos.” – V.D.

“…this therapist came highly recommended by a number of my friends and by you.  And I was not disappointed. I want to express my sincere thanks to your therapist.  I met him at your  office to be fitted for a newer CPAP mask and for complete reinstructions. As you know I have tried using my machine several times in the last 5 years and had given up many times because of the various problems I encountered when using it. He took the time to really listen to my reluctance and previous problems I faced.  I found him very thorough in showing me how to use the equipment, measuring my face for a mask (no one had ever done that before!) and recommending the mask while explaining the pros and cons of each one. When he realized I was feeling overwhelmed he then gave me access to some videos he created to watch at home. It has helped me overcome different CPAP issues as they crop up. What helped also was that he  uses a CPAP himself.   So he truly understood what I was going through. I waited 2 months to write this because I wanted to wait until I am finally able to sleep at least 4 hours a night with my CPAP.  I feel so much better. Thank you and your staff.”   - ( This is part of a thank you letter one of my patients who graciously took the time to  write about me, the video guide & other staff members to her sleep doctor.)

 “Your website and the video guide was so helpful. Thank You!” - U.P.