CPAP Pro – Does It Really Work or Not? (Here’s my home made video review)

In this CPAP Pro video I will share with you what my patients like and also complain about when it comes to this “No Mask CPAP” ...

CPAP Nasal Pillow

This CPAP Mask is unique in 2 ways :

a) The CPAP Pro
 enters your nose and mouth.

b) You have absolutely no headgear to wear. 
 There is no CPAP head strap at all !

The CPAP Pro is also known as the “No Mask CPAP” .

This is good if you are ClaustrophobicIf you don’t want anything obscuring your vision and you don’t want to feel smothered, you might want to think about using the CPAP Pro. If you don’t want anything obscuring your vision and you don’t want to feel smothered, you might want to think about using the


The CPAP Pro 
is good if you like to watch TV or read in bed before dozing off to sleep.

It is fantastic if your face is getting a lot of marks from your current CPAP Mask or from your CPAP head gear…

If your CPAP Mask is bruising you, you might want to consider the CPAP Pro. I work with a fair number of people who complain of headaches or neck aches. With the CPAP Pro, those areas are not touched.

The other thing that you benefit from, which I benefited from when I used this mask, is I have this crazy problem with my nose and face starting to itch. My face starts to itch the moment I use a CPAP mask. With the CPAP Pro, this is not a problem because once this enters my nostrils, it is not a problem any more. I can scratch away as much as I need to.

Now, the CPAP Pro is very similar to the

Fisher & Paykel Oral CPAP mask the HC452. However, the HC452 doesn't have any nasal pillows. It only allows the CPAP pressure to enter your mouth. The difference here is the CPAP Pro is primarily a CPAP Nasal Pillows that does not have a headgear.

Now it looks like it's pretty wide apart, right? But you can actually make it turn towards you to make it work better. This part here can come in a little bit more. Another benefit is that they give you one pair of nasal pillows (Nasal Puffs).

The Nasal Puffs are standard sized. This could be a negative because not everybody's nostrils are going to fit this thing. You can special order a small or a large sized Nasal Puffs. Unlike all the other CPAP Nasal Pillows (for example, the Swift FX) you get all the various sizes of nasal pillows in one packaging.

They also give you this mouthpiece. As you can see, it has to be molded to my upper jaw, for my upper teeth. Boil it in hot water first. They even give you a thermometer for you to monitor the temperature. You take it out while it's still warm, making sure that you don't burn yourself. You put this in, and you bite right into it, hard. You have to keep this in your mouth for five minutes.

The manufacturers were pretty honest about in their paperwork. If you have any gum problems, sensitivity to heat or cold or you have a loose filling, TMJ issues, bridge
work, or dental work, this is may not be the mask for you or.

If you experiences any of these problems, you must first see your dentist.

Now, if you're not comfortable with putting this mouthpiece in hot boiling water and trying to mold it, you can call the manufacturer.

They will give you a piece that your dentist can mold for you. However, you have to pay your dentist to do that.

I was incredibly surprised at how comfortable this to use and the amount of leak rate was minimal. I was shocked. It went beyond my expectations on how comfortable I was when using the CPAP Pro.

One negative about the CPAP Pro is that it is noisy.

Behind this little foamy thing (exhalation diffusers), is the exhalation port. They created this foam piece (exhalation diffusers) they put over it.

Even with this exhalation diffuser I still get complaints that it is noisy. So the higher your CPAP setting is, the noisier it tends to be.

By the way, I don't recommend using this or any other nasal pillow if your setting is 10 or higher because you have two jet streams blowing right into your nostrils. It's very uncomfortable. Speaking of which, you should make sure you use your CPAP Heated Humidifierbecause you will want to raise up your moisture level a little bit more.

All you have to do is raise the heat setting on your CPAP Heated Humidifier so you can get more moisture. Otherwise, your nasal passages are going to dry out. That area of your nose is very delicate.

Now, one of the drawbacks of this is this, and it happens to me, is that your mouth may treat this mouthpiece like food.

It produces a lot of saliva.

I have to say now, over the last few days, the amount of saliva being produced has gone down considerably.

Because your mouth produces saliva there's the issue of smell!

I'm being realistic about this so you have to be consistent with cleaning.

The manufacturer also recommends and sells a cleaning product called ActiPro.

Now you can go further and get what the manufacturer also recommends and sells a cleaning product called
 .. ActiPro… to clean and extend the life of the mouthpiece.

This is a very good mask.

It is comfortable and is expensive. The replacement parts and pieces are pricey. To replace just this piece or the mouthpiece by itself, if you're paying out of your pocket and not through your insurance, it is expensive.

Once you see this video, just make a search on it and you'll be shocked as to how much the replacement parts are. So I want you to factor that in to your decision.

Now, if you’re suffering from Allergies.or a cold, you will not be able to use the CPAP Pro. During those times we become mouth breathers. Please watch the video that shows what you can do if you need to use your CPAP while suffering from your allergies.

Now, if you are someone who opens your mouth like me, this actually may be able to give you a good seal. But if you open your mouth wide enough and air escapes, then you might have to use a CPAP chin strapwith this. So now that's a negative, right?

But, like I’ve said, the only reason why I started to use the CPAP Pro is because I had a number of my sleep apnea patients using this and that just prompted me to order it for myself. I paid for this out of my pocket and wow, I'm surprised at how comfortable it is.

Once again, I urge you to try out the other CPAP masks first before trying this because one of the benefits of it is that if you do get the CPAP Pro and you have other masks, then you can switch back and forth. Anyway, with that I want to sign off and I wish you sweet dreams.

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