What You Must Know About The CPAP Pillow Before Buying It. (Video Review)


• The CPAP Pillow is designed for the CPAP user who are stomach sleepers and side sleepers. I mean look at it; it even has cutouts for the ear. That's a good thing.

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• In my opinion, a CPAP user sleeping on their back shouldn’t spend the money buying it.

• How this pillow works is ....the unique cutouts, help reduce the likelihood of the CPAP mask being pushed out of place when you move from side to side.

• Very similar to a memory foam pillow.

• If you can make this CPAP pillow work, you will find that you won’t have to over-tighten the mask’s head strap to create a seal to prevent CPAP leaks when you lay on your side.

• You don’t have to keep waking up at night, shifting your mask to seal leaks.

• It really does reduce the strap marks you get from your CPAP headgear on your cheek.


• For some people, the height is the issue. For some it is too thick & high. Others it is too low. You either have to put your arm or another pillow underneath The CPAP Pillow to raise the height The only problem with that is if the bottom pillow shifts, then you will knock off The CPAP Pillow and then you might find it uncomfortable.

• It takes a while to get used to it. About a week.

• Not all CPAP pillows come in different sizes similar you would find when shopping for a regular pillow.

• There is no return policy. It is expensive.

• Most of them does not come with a pillowcase.

• I have had patients who loved it and gave me great feedback. Then, almost a year later, when I inquired , they said they stopped using it for no particular reason.

• Some CPAP pillows has a manufactured or a chemical smell to it. It triggered a mild Asthma attack for me. I have had others complain to me about it. With the CPAP mask on, I personally did not notice the smell. Nevertheless for me it is an issue.

• A few people have complained of a mild stiff neck because of all the “cut outs”. I, myself, experienced it. With not enough thickness to it, some critical support was cut out.

• You really have to give it a week or longer to see if it will work for you and if you like it. Don’t make any premature decisions.

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