How to find the Best Cpap Nasal Pillow For You.

There are 3 primary ways to help you choose a Cpap Nasal Pillow :

Method #1 - Choose By Manufacturer or Brand.

The first 3 brands dominate the nasal pillows market currently.

a) Fisher and Paykel

b) Resmed

c) Phillips Respironics

d) Innomed (They do not have a strong position in the market)

Method # 2 - By Price

We don't like this method. We realize cost is always a concern. However we have found with our Sleep Apnea patients that this method has most often back fired on them.

Do yourself a big favor - compare shop in the offline world and on the internet. :)

Method # 3 - We love this method !! Choose a Nasal Pillows based on your specific needs. Click here to see how it works. This is exactly what we do for our patients.

Method # 4 - Watch Our Video Reviews of Various CPAP Nasal Pillows