CPAP Nasal Mask – How to Find the Best Nasal CPAP Mask For You.

•  Finding the best Cpap Nasal Mask without the opportunity to try it out first is hard . It’s a gamble. But we can help you the same way we help our Sleep Apnea patients. There is a method to this.

•  You are lucky if Cpap Nasal Mask is you’re first choice. 

•  Why? Because the Cpap mask selection here is incredibly wide and plentiful  compared to all the other categories of masks.

• When your Cpap setting is 10 cmh20 and higher, we generally do not recommend using Cpap Nasal Pillows. The Cpap Nasal Mask is clearly a better option. It will be more comfortable. 

• Our goal is to help you <b>narrow down the best options</b> that are available out there. So that you’re valuable time and hard earned cash are not needlessly exploited or wasted. We want you to start sleeping better quickly.

• The leak rate with nasal mask compared to Cpap Nasal Pillows is higher. However it is lower compared to the Hybrid Cpap Mask and the Cpap Full Face Mask .

• It does not work well at all if you are experiencing an allergy attack or if you are suffering from a head cold.

• It works wonders if you are a back sleeper. It is in this position that you get the lowest incidence of  Cpap air leaks.


• However it is also in this position Obstructive Sleep Apnea is also aggravated. The recommended position to sleep for any one with Obstructive Sleep Apnea is on your side.

• Many of our patients who are Side Sleepers and Stomach Sleepers have recommended a number of specific masks that have enable them to sleep in their favorite positions. 


• However Stomach Sleepers find it very hard to sleep with Cpap Nasal Masks. Many of them, just to accommodate for the mask, find they have to arch their neck more than normal which then hurts them. 

The 4 ways to choose the best Cpap Nasal Mask

Method # 1The Best Method of all  - We believe the most effective way to help you choose a good and comfortable mask depends on what your specific needs are. Click here to see exactly how we help our sleep apnea patients find the right mask for themselves.

Method # 2 -  Watch Our Video Reviews. I am begging you...... please spend a few minutes watching the various Video Reviews of different types CPAP Nasal Masks. Very quickly you will see their weaknesses & strengths. - Click Here

Method # 3 -  By the Price of the Mask.Using this method is truly a gamble. Do not choose this method.

Only a very tiny percentage of our Sleep Apnea patients have had any success using this method.

However please do your research. Same exact mask but the prices fluctuate between the Home Medical Equipment Companies and also between the internet stores.

Method # 4 - By Brand or Manufacturer. 

The following are the list of manufacturers we have worked with and can confidently recommend only specific models of masks. 

Not everything they make delivers what they promise. (At least that has been our experience.) 

1) Phillips Respironics CPAP Masks

2) Fisher and Paykel CPAP Masks

3) Resmed CPAP Masks

4) DeVilbiss CPAP  Masks

5) Circadiance CPAP Mask

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