CPAP Mask Parts – The smart way to save a lot of money on a mask.

Always look for a CPAP mask that has a small, medium and large size cushion all packaged in one box. This way you can try out various sizes to see what works for you.

• Look for terms like “Combo Pack”, “Fit Pack” and “Multiple Size Inserts/Cushions” in the mask description. It is well worth getting it. Why?

Because of 3 reasons :

a) You get far less CPAP Mask Leaks. A millimeter up or down in size makes a huge difference for most of us. Play around with the various size cushions that comes with that particular mask. Many people have this problem – when they are measured for a size, it shows for example they are a medium size. But in reality a small fits them so much better. Imagine paying over a $100 for a mask that does not fit even though you were measured for it correctly.

b) You save a lot of money - Once you have established your size and the mask fits comfortably, the next time around you can save some money and just order that (for example) small size mask only.

c) Here is the other good thing; you can just replace the cushions when they are worn out. You do not have to spend a lot of money and replace the entire mask if it does not need to. Thus extending the life of the entire mask.

CPAP Masks and Parts

Are you experiencing a lot of leaks in your current CPAP mask that was once working perfectly? If so then check to see if you can just replace the CPAP mask cushion by itself.

Do you know that most insurance will pay for you to get replacement cushions monthly!!!!

Do you need to change them monthly? No not necessarily but if you do need it …., just do it then.


Recommended CPAP Nasal Pillows that come with various sizes of pillows in one box.

1. Resmed Swift FX

2. Resmed Swift FX for Her

3. Fisher and Paykel Opus 360

4. Mirage Swift LT

5. Mirage Swift LT for Her

6. Respironics Optilife Nasal Pillows

7. Respironics GoLife for Men

Recommended CPAP Nasal Mask that come with various sizes of cushions in one box.

1. Respironics Comfort Fusion

2. Resmed Mirage Micro

3. Respironics Comfort Gel Blue

4. Respironics Easy Life

5. Fisher and Paykel Flexifit HC405

6. Resmed Mirage FX

Recommended CPAP Full Face Mask that come with various sizes of cushions in one box.

1. Forma

2. Flexifit HC431

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