CPAP Mask Pads - Why This Is One Of The Best Things for CPAP Pain

Here is my home-made CPAP Mask Pads video review. I will show you how this CPAP gel pads provide a soothing relief for one of the most painful of all CPAP side effects.

• It comes in Small & Large sizes only. Now the Small size is approximately 3" across the nose. Large is approximately 4" across the nose.

• Pads can easily be cut to size for a precise fit.

• The typical sleep apnea / CPAP user will use a large size pad.

The CPAP Mask Pads works in 2 ways :

<b>a) Reduce skin irritation & facial sores.

b) Reduces cpap mask leaks.</b>

• Interestingly, a CPAP user, just like you and me, created this. Initially he sold it himself and then ResMed bought it from him. So this should give you inspiration to come up with your own products (those of you who are creative and good at building things).

• It used to be called the “Sleep Comfort Care Pad” and then Resmed bought them.

• The good thing is that this CPAP gel pad will work with almost all brands and sizes of CPAP Nasal Masks and CPAP Full Face Masks. However it will not work with CPAP Nasal Pillows.

• Some patients of ours have complained of feeling the CPAP gel pad weight slightly on the bridge of the nose. After awhile you will get used to it.

• Washing the Gecko Nasal Gel Pad with warm water every night and patting it dry before use creates its stickiness. This will help make it stay in place on the bridge of your nose.

• Compare to a CPAP Mask Liner, the gel pad stays in place longer and it lasts longer.

• <b>In my personal opinion</b>, the CPAP Mask Liners works a little better than the CPAP gel pad. Especially when it comes reducing leaks. However the mask liners are a little harder to use in the beginning.

• For some people, it works and for others, it doesn’t work all the time.

• Nevertheless it is worth trying out.

• I personally have worked with a good number of people who have for no good reason just stopped using their Gecko nasal gel pad after a few months. Then they found they found their nose seem to be able to tolerate or “toughen up” ... to using a CPAP mask by itself.

• At this price point, you would hope it would last a little longer. The average person tends to make it last only a month. The manufacturer recommends replacing it every 30 to 60 days.

• Because it is transparent, it easy to lose it (which I did). Respironics recently came up with a blue color nasal pad.

• It also tends to move out of place fairly easily.

• In the beginning, I do recommend having someone help you with it or at least do it in front of the bathroom mirror until you get the hang of it. Don’t give up. You will definitely get the hang of it.

• Get a case like the ones people put dentures in or even use a small Tupperware container (trust me, it is very easy to lose this thing).

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