How So Many ANGRY CPAP Users Finally found Relief with CPAP Mask Liners – Video

"What changed for me is I started to use CPAP mask liners.

Instead of making me feel good, my CPAP was pissing me off.

CPAP mask farting.

Dry eyes because the mask leaked all around the mask. More towards my eyes.

Top of my nose hurt like hell,

and then I could't even put my dermatologist prescribed medicated lotion on my face."

He was talking about the Quietus Liners.

This is what a patient of mine that I had not seen in over year said to me when we met.

Transcripts from the Video:

Hi. This is the video review for the CPAP mask liner called Quietus Liner. (It almost looks like a home made cpap mask liner.) This Quietus Liner is in direct competition with the famous RemZzzs Liner. There are major differences and they both have strength and weaknesses. I want to go over the strength and weaknesses of the Quietus Liners right now. OK?

Now, why would you need to use a Quietus Liner? Maybe you are experiencing a lot of major leaks. A lot of leaks tend to happen towards the bridge of the nose up, towards the eye where you get dry eyes, around the sides of the nose, or underneath here. OK? One of the reasons why this happens, is because there are four liquids that are produced that make this mask slippery and slide off your face. The four liquids are your facial oils.

By the way, let me just make it closer for you. Facial oils, sweat and when you exhale through your nose, there's moisture when we exhale, and then also the moisture that accumulates from the heated humidifier collects in here also. All these things affect the seal, how the mask performs and this mask tends to slide all over the place and then you have a leak. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, these four liquids. If you look at this, this is a mask cushion of a full face mask that I've used and I purposely did not wash it over a couple of days just to show you the four liquids. This is what can cause leakage.

This acts as a barrier between this and that. By the way, if you see this liner is really big, that's because this is the wrong size liner for this mask. It should be a little bit more shorter, but it is good enough for me to show you what it is. This is a lot more thicker than the RemZzzs. The RemZzzs, I don't know if you can see, is very, very thin, all right? The Quietus Liner is so much more thicker, all right? This comes in two forms. One, it has, they call it a tacking agent, a stickiness they can put add-on to it that helps it stick to your mask better and then to your face better. You can get also one without the tacking agent. The price is about the same. These liners, it last longer. In the RemZzzs, you have to replace it everyday because it starts to curl up. This one will last from anywhere between three to seven nights and then you can wash it and then about the seventh night, after seven nights of use depending on how bad it is, you have to replace it. You wash it with cold water and let it dry naturally. Just put it on the table and let it dry by itself. Air dry it, OK?

This is also cheaper than the RemZzzs. It's cheaper so you get 10 liners here. An average month is 30 days. You will get 10 of these things and you do not get any forehead cushion liners. In the RemZzzs, you get 30 days, 30 of them, and then you get two of these liners for your forehead cushion. This one, you don't. This works really well on high CPAP pressures. It makes it feel a lot more tolerable. I know that because I felt it on me when I used it. I felt a difference when I used this. I have pretty high CPAP pressures. I put it purposely on, set my CPAP just to see and compared to this, I feel this does a little bit better job impacting it, making it a little bit more tolerable. This is thick so it helps the bruising, if you have any bruising. Remember, if it's the wrong size mask or if it slides too much, it tends to rub on people's bridge of their nose. This is good for men with beards, very good for men with beards and then also it will help prevent mask lines. Everyone of us have woke up and seen some kind of mask lines, especially from nasal mask or full face mask. This prevents it. It does a really good job.

Here's the other thing. This also reduces those obnoxious farting noises. You know, the pfft. As it gives, it makes that farting noises. This really does a good job reducing incidents of that happening. Because you're using a CPAP mask liner and this applies to both brands, you will find that you do not need to tighten your head gear so much. The good thing is then you don't get marks from the straps or just tightness some people feel at the back of the head been hurting because they tightened this so much.

Let me go over the weakness. The weakness is very subjective. I personally sometimes feel like because it's a thicker material, it's soft by the way, I feel this is very soft. So are the RemZzzs liners, they are very, very soft. Because it's thicker, I sometimes, not every night, when I've tried using it, feel it's a little bit warmer. I've never had any patient complain that it is warm. I'm just commenting on my experience on that one. If you look at the hole, you will say, "My Lord, how is this going to fit the mask?" It seems smaller than the opening of the mask. That's true because it's designed to stretch and you want it to come out a little bit. That's how it maintains a good seal. Now, please don't try to use this on your mask like a few minutes before going to sleep when you first get this, because it takes a while for you to get adjusted to it. Try to align it properly. Once again, this is the wrong cushion and mask, but I'm just trying to show you something. Invest a good 10 minutes or so before going to sleep trying to figure out how to use it. It will take you a while to get used to it.

One of the other bad thing about both liners, this is no exception to this, is in the middle of the night if you get up to use the bathroom and you take the mask off, it is a hassle. Remember, you're sleepy, you're doing this in low light condition. You're trying to put the liner on, and it's tough. It can be challenging. If you don't align this properly on your mask, if you don't put it in properly on the mask, this is going to. . . I'm going to show you on this one. Instead of jutting out here nicely, once again this is a little too much, this will slip into the opening and you will have a CPAP mask leak. One of the things that people tend to do with these things, who use CPAP liners, because they have a barrier here, they forget to wash these cushions. I've noticed that pretty frequently. Do make it a point to wash your cushions.

Other than that, do I recommend this? Absolutely, yes. This is the Quietus Liner. This is the RemZzzs. I absolutely recommend both. The Quietus Liner is fantastic. It's cheaper. It lasts longer than this. Which one would you like? I have no way of telling unless you really try it yourself. Just try it. One month try one brand, another month try another brand and see for yourself. But these Quietus Liners absolutely work in reducing incidents of CPAP mask leaks. With that, I am going to sign off with that. By the way, drop by to get more info.

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