CPAP Mask Fitting Template Guide - Stop getting CPAP mask LEAKS.( A video guide)

Watch this Video - CPAP Mask Fitting Template Guide. Trust me, If you don't use this "properly", you are going to get super frustrated, feel like you wanna give-up , & worse .....waste a lot of money !

• Almost every mask has a custom made CPAP Mask fitting template. With exception, the newer CPAP nasal pillows do not come with any sizing template, because you will get all the various size nasal CPAP pillows in one packaging.

• Do this the right way and it increases your chances of getting the right size CPAP mask.

Benefits of “properly” using a CPAP mask fitting template are:

a) Significantly reduces and in many instances eliminates CPAP mask leaks.

b) You are not getting your optimum therapy if there is a significant leak. You want optimum therapy.

c) Increases compliance and reduces frustrations.

d) No more dry eyes. By the way this is a dangerously unhealthy for your eyes. If your CPAP mask is leaking and blowing into your eye...please find a way to STOP it !! Don't just try to live with it.

e) You don’t have to tighten the CPAP headgear.

f) Your mask will last longer. For example, if your mask is too large for you ... you will compensate for it by over tightening your CPAP headgear. Thus inevitably you will "squeeze the life" out of your over size mask to reduce the leaks.

g) You actually feel refreshed in the morning. Imagine that concept ;)

• Measuring your face for a CPAP mask is not really a science. It is a best educated guess. Take me for instance; I measure a medium on the Resmed Mirage Quattro Full Face Mask, but what fits me the best is the small size.

Are you a back sleeper, side sleeper or stomach sleeper? Do you get claustrophobic? All this narrows the choices down. Stay tuned in to the next email video.

• Relax your facial muscles. Mimic what you do when you fall asleep at night.

• Do you open your mouth when you fall asleep? If you don’t know:

a) Ask a family member who has seen you sleep.

b) Do you wake up with your mouth tongue feeling dry or feel thirsty?

c) Do you wake up with a sore throat like feeling?

• Take out your dentures, if that is what you do every night, when wanting to size for a mask.

• Keep in mind, these 2 things can require you to go to a larger size:

a) If you have a high bridge.

b) If you have wide mouth.

Please Do The Following:

a) If it is a brand new mask, pay the extra money and get the “mask return policy”

b) Ask any Home Medical Equipment company – in the real world (Offline)….. “Do you provide a free 30-day mask return policy?”…in the event you do not like the CPAP mask for whatever reason and thus this way you can return the mask and get a different type of sleep apnea mask. Inquire about this.

c) Buy a “combo package”. You get 2 or more sizes of CPAP cushion in one package. For example, the Mirage Micro Nasal Mask and the Flexifit 431 full face CPAP mask.

d) I would recommend going to the website of the manufacturer and looking for the video guide on how to size “Uniquely” for that model and make only.

e) Choose the smallest size cutout that is wide enough to extend beyond the outer edge of your nostril and will not obstruct normal nasal breathing.

f) For CPAP full face masks, choose the smallest size that is wider than your mouth (.open your mouth slightly, depending on the manufacturer) and long enough to be extended beyond the lower lip.

• CPAP Nasal Pillows - Special Instruction :

a) Don’t be fixated by the size first.

b) Try the smaller size first unless you are confident about your size, then bump up in size to reduce leak and discomfort. If it is too large, you may bruise your nostrils.

• Do keep in mind that if your mask has been working for many months and now all of a sudden it is leaking, it probably means you just need a replacement mask or cushion. The issue might not be the size.

• Check out the manufacturer’s video on sizing. Do not assume the medical personnel on the HME side are aware of your delicate nuances. The more you know the better off you are.

• Roll over to all the positions you think you might go into in the middle of the night. You want to find those leaks and deal with them while you are awake.

• If you are doing this at home using the cut out templates or if you buy a template, have a second person with you to help gauge what the size is. Please don’t do it by your self.

• Women or men with long hair, put it in ponytail and then put it through the headgear. This helps keep the mask from sliding all over the place and creating leaks.

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