Suffocation by FullFace CPAP Mask and CPAP Mask Anxiety - Solutions  that work.

Suffocation by fullface CPAP mask or any mask that gives CPAP mask anxiety is very uncomfortable. 

• In this instance you feel like you are suffocating even though there is a rush of air coming out at you.

• You feel smothered by your <b>CPAP mask</b>.


• Keep in mind this feeling of being suffocated and CPAP mask anxiety is only temporary. You are absolutely not alone in feeling this. Thousands of people feel this way initially. With perseverance, proper strategy and the right mask, you will definitely overcome it.

•    <b> It may be hard for you to believe this ..... there will come a time, after you have become comfortable to using your CPAP ..... you will sometimes feel or wonder if you are getting any air at all.</b>  You will be checking to see if your CPAP is working or purposely create a leak so that you feel the sensation of the air coming at you. What has happened in this situation is you have now become desensitized or used to your CPAP setting. This is very normal.  

However if you truly feel you are starving for air ...then please inform your doctor. 

Or you are not sure if your CPAP is working....then call the Home Medical Equipment company that gave you your machine and have them check it.

Desensitization Techniques that works :

a) Put your CPAP mask on with no intentions to sleep. What we mean by that is use your CPAP or BIPAP machine sitting down in front of the Television and watch a movie for a few minutes. Or use it while working on the computer. Then take it off after a few minutes.

b)The goal here is to keep your mind distracted while your body takes the time to be acclimated to using the <b>CPAP mask</b> and machine.

c) If your claustrophobia feeling is severe, then just lightly place the mask on your face for 10 seconds and then remove it. Do not put on the headgear on. Do not turn the CPAP unit on. Gradually increase the time by 10 seconds.

d) Do the above exercise outside of the bedroom. 

e) Many of us hate having something over your face. That is why you must choose  a mask that does not obstruct your vision, light weight and small (not bulky). 

f) Use the ramp feature of your CPAP.

g) Have a talk with your doctor if using an anti-anxiety medication on very low dosages and for very short period of time is appropriate. 

h) If the issue is – The CPAP or BIPAP pressures are to strong and you feel you can’t catch your breath. Then click here for solutions for this problem.

• The CPAP masks we are recommending below are the ones our  patients who have complained of suffocation by fullface CPAP mask and CPAP mask anxiety, have reported that it has worked for them.

Recommended CPAP Nasal Pillows for the claustrophobic feeling:

  • CPAP Pro
  • Nuance Pro with Gel  made by Philips Respironics

Recommended CPAP Nasal Masks for the claustrophobic feeling:

  • Wisp by Philips Respironics
  • Sleep Weaver Advance
  • ZEST  and the upgraded "Zest Q" by Fisher & Paykel
  • Mirage FX  by ResMed
  • Mirage Micro by ResMed
  • Flexifit HC407
  • Flexifit HC406 (If you have a petite nose)

Recommended CPAP Full Face Masks for the claustrophobic feeling:

Recommended CPAP Hybrid Masks for the claustrophobic feeling:

Recommended Oral CPAP Mask for the claustrophobic feeling:

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