CPAP Machine Allergy Sneezing – Solutions and Remedies

CPAP Machine Allergy Sneezing - The following are practical strategies you can benefit from if you suffer from allergies and you have to use a CPAP or BIPAP machine.

Strategies To Manage Your Allergies

a) Change your clothes outside your bedroom when you come from the outside and back in your home. The pollen/allergen is stuck on your clothes. Do not bring it in the areas where you sleep and other common areas of your home.

b) Take a bath before bedtime. The allergens are in your hair and skin. Wash it off.

c) Do you open your windows when you fall asleep during allergy season for the fresh air? If you do, you are giving opportunity for the allergens to enter your bedroom when the wind blows in.

d) Wash your Bedsheets and Pillow Cases frequently.

e) Use the fine particulate filter for your CPAP or BIPAP unit. If it does not have the capability to use one, make sure you are up to date in changing or washing your filters.

f) Use a HEPA Filter Air Purifier in your home.

g) Saline Flush your nose. Unless you get rid of the allergen that is stuck in your nose, your body will be in reactive mode. This is similar to when dusts enters your eye. Until you get rid of that dust particle, your eye will constantly tear up.

h) Consult your Sleep Physician.

i) See an Allergist. Get this issue under controlled properly.

• Since allergies last a long time, deciding not to use your CPAP during allergy season is not advisable. Not only are you miserable from the allergies, you are now super tired also (and cranky).

Allergies make your nasal passages narrower and inflamed. Now the CPAP pressure or BIPAP pressures cannot effectively do what it needs to do. It becomes very uncomfortable and intolerable for many people. Then you give up.

Many people will breathe through their mouth because they have no choice.

Emergency Back Up CPAP Mask - What I am suggesting is using a Full Face CPAP Mask or an Oral Cpap Mask during allergy season. After the attack go back to your other favorite mask.


Recommended CPAP Full Face Mask when you have Allergies:

~ Quattro Air by Resmed

~ AMARA GEL by Philips Respironics

~ Respironics Comfort Gel Full Face Mask

~ Resmed Mirage Quattro

~ Easy Fit Gel Full Face Mask

~ Resmed Quattro FX

~ Hans Rudolph 7600 series V2

~ Fisher and Paykel Forma

Recommended Oral CPAP Mask when you have Allergies:

Fisher and Paykel Oracle HC452

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