"The Hybrid" - Video Review of a CPAP Hybrid Mask

I’m very opinionated on these reviews. I like this CPAP Hybrid Mask a little bit more than the Resmed Mirage Liberty for a few reasons. Let me show you why.

Welcome to CPAPHelpDesk.com. This is the video review for a CPAP Hybrid Mask. It’s called “The Hybrid Mask” and falls in the category of Hybrid CPAP Mask. I guess they could have come up with a better name. The manufacturer is Innomed.

For full disclosure I want you to know that this particular mask I bought myself. I used this mask to try it for myself and also I’ve used along with all the other sample masks that I get for free from the various manufacturers to show my sleep apnea patients the kind of options that are out there, and to demonstrate and to teach them and help them overcome a lot of their CPAP mask problems.

Let me jump in full ahead. This you can tell is part nasal pillows, let me zoom in, and it covers your mouth. This particular hybrid mask goes right under the chin. The competitor, the Mirage Liberty by Resmed does not go under the chin.

I’ve got to tell you about sizes. Like I said, I’m very opinionated on these reviews. I like this mask a little bit more than the Resmed Mirage Liberty for one reason. These guys give you every size nasal pillows and every size mouth piece that comes with it. It’s very good, you get to play around with it and figure out what’s appropriate for you.

The other thing is these nasal pillows here, I want to show you, these come off. If you cut it right here, because not everybody’s nostril size is equal, you can use one size nostril pillow and a different one. You can use a small and a medium on one side and stick it in there just to fit you better. So that’s very good.

The headgear is one size fits most and all of that comes in the package. This is designed for the mouth breather. Let me take this off real quick. If you’re claustrophobic and you need a full face mask this is the mask for you.

The other thing is if you have allergies or you’re suffering a cold and you need a cpap full face mask, or if you’re using cpap nasal pillows or a regular nasal cpap mask, use this, it really works to your advantage because you’re a mouth breather during allergy season.

Now, another thing I want to show you here, you have no bruising here. With this mask there’s absolutely no bruising. You can wear glasses, watch TV in bed, read in bed, there’s no forehead cushion. So that’s very good.

One of the other good benefits, with a lot of the other full face masks you have leakage in the eye, I have not had complaints on that issue. If you have leakage you might have it on this area, the mouth area slightly. But, I’ve not had anybody complain or myself experienced any leakage into the eye. So that is also very good.

Here’s another thing, it sounds really silly. Whenever I use a full face mask or any nasal pillows almost within a minute my nose starts to itch. With this I can go and itch away. It sounds crazy what I’m saying, but I know I have tons of patients who have shared that same phenomena with me. With this type of mask you can go ahead and scratch to glory.

Let me just move on quickly. It has a quick disconnect clip right here. It makes it easy and you just have to clip it in there. That’s good.

Dry mouth, there is a higher chance of your mouth drying out using CPAP Hybrid Mask, so you must know how to use your heated humidifier effectively. Just raise the heat setting and that will add more moisture to your oral cavity and the mouth area.

The Hybrid compared to the Mirage Liberty, these nasal pillows do not pop out of the nose as easily as the Mirage Liberty does, so this is very good. At higher pressure it’s noisy. One of the reasons why, can you see these, they look like bullet holes? This is your exhalation port, so it is noisy at higher CPAP settings, meaning at 13, 14, and higher it is a bit of a noisier mask.

This hole here that you see right now is your anti-asphyxia valve, meaning in case of power failure you’ll be breathing through these two holes. Like most people you’ll feel uncomfortable, you’ll wake up and you’ll end up pulling the mask off your face.

Now, because you will be raising your heater level while you’re using this mask to combat the dryness in your mouth, you will find you will have more condensation issues in here, you’ll have more water issues in this part here. So just be aware of that, you just have to drain it, especially when there’s tiny drops of water trapped in here the sound level goes a little bit higher. Thick beards and mustaches, yes it does work, it does establish a good seal. However, just to save you some frustration at night spend a few minutes during the daytime practicing how to put the clips on, using the mask, trying to get it positioned to sit in your nose nicely. Utilize all the straps in the back because they really make a difference.

A lot of patients like this because with this mask in the middle of the night if they need to use the bathroom they just unclip the CPAP tubing from here and walk to the bathroom and use it. I don’t like that. I’m a big advocate of safety. I say take the mask off, go to the bathroom, come back and then put it back on. Once again, this CPAP Hybrid Mask is called “ The Hybrid ” made by Innomed and it is a combination of nasal pillows and a full face mask, it’s a very good mask. Also, it has problems and weaknesses like I just explained to you. With that I wish you sweet dreams.

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