The Best Cpap Headgear. Set it Once and Forget About It.

Set and forget about it !!

• A Cpap Headgear (sleep apnea headgear – as many people still call it) with a Quick Disconnect Clip attach to it, makes life using a Cpap Masks or Bipap mask so much easier.

“Set and Forget”. As some manufacturers have hinted - Set the Cpap head gear once and you never have to touch the straps again. Well maybe that’s not totally accurate.

• Just a tiny bit of adjustment of the Velcro straps is usually required most nights. Most of the people we have helped, absolutely love this feature.

• Some masks have very easy to use “Disconnect Clips” for example Resmed masks. Others need a little practice.

Is This You

Do you experience a very mild panic attack when you wake up with the mask on your face ? Using these clips enables you to remove the mask of your face very quickly with minimal anxiety and stress.Bathroom - It is so much easier to fall back asleep with your Cpap mask with a quick disconnect clips, after you have woken up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. You can slip the mask off your face and put it back on quickly and easily without loosing your sleepiness.

Warning - Not all of them are easy to use the first time round. It takes just a little bit of practice. Once you have learned it you will only use that feature.


Cpap Nasal Pillows that has Quick Disconnect Clips.

None. They don’t have them. Of all the masks in world of Cpap, the Cpap Nasal Pillows are the easiest to put on and take off.

Cpap Nasal Masks that has Quick Disconnect Clips

a) Respironics Comfort Gel Blue

b) Respironics Comfort Gel

c) Respironics Comfort Fusion

d) Fisher & Paykel Zest

e) Fisher & Paykel Flexifit HC407

f) Fisher & Paykel Flexifit HC406

g) Resmed Mirage Soft GEL

h) Resmed Mirage Micro

i) Resmed Mirage Activa LT

j) De Vilbiss Easy Fit Nasal Gel

Cpap Full Face Mask that have Quick Disconnect Clips.

a) Resmed Mirage Quattro

b) Resmed Mirage Quattro FX

c) Fisher & Paykel Forma

d) DeVilbiss Easy Fit Full Face Gel

e) Phillips Respironics Comfort Gel Full Face Mask

f) Hans Rudolph 7600 series V2

g) Philips Respironics AMARA CPAP Full Face Mask

Cpap Hybrid Mask that have Quick Disconnect Clips.

a) The Hybrid

b) Resmed Mirage Liberty

Oral Cpap Mask that have Quick Disconnect Clips.

The Oracle 452

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