CPAP have a Cold (or Asthma)

CPAP have a Cold: The following are practical strategies we recommend for our patients. Hello,

I am a 56yr old man and have just started using a cpap machine.( Philips Respironics A-Flex Auto). I am using a Opus nasal pillow mask which I find to be more comfortable. I am also asthmatic, so I was wondering if I could add a little vicks vapor rub or eucalyptis oil to aid in with my asthma. Or if you could recommend something else that I could add into the water of the humidifier. (As sort of an inhaler to relieve my tight chestness.

Many thanks in advance.


• When you suffer from a Cold. – please do not use your CPAP nasal pillows or your nasal CPAP mask.

• You should only use a CPAP Full Face Mask or the Oral CPAP Mask. You can always go back to your favorite CPAP mask after you have recuperated from the cold. Consider it as your Emergency Backup Mask.

• Once you have selected a nasal mask or pillows that work, it is always advisable to then choose a full face mask that you can use during episodes of a cold .

• What happens during a head cold is your nasal passages swell up which only leads to more obstruction in that area. The CPAP pressure or BIPAP pressures cannot effectively do what it needs to do as it attempts to enter those inflamed and narrow passages in your nose. It becomes very uncomfortable and intolerable for many people. Then you give up.

• You have no choice but breathe through your mouth.

Use your CPAP Heated Humidifier. This soothes your irritated nasal passages. Click here to learn how to get the most benefit from your CPAP Heated Humidifier.Cpap Humidifier Vicks Cold - Please do not put “Vicks” in your CPAP humidifier. We understand where you are coming from but it can be a major irritant to your lungs if used in this manner.

Click here if you suffer from Allergies. There are specific strategies for you that can help you.


Recommended CPAP Full Face Mask when you have a Head Cold

~ Respironics Comfort Gel Full Face Mask

~ Resmed Mirage Quattro

~ DeVilbiss Easy Fit Gel Full Face Mask

~ Resmed Quattro FX

~ Hans Rudolph 7600 series V2

~ Fisher and Paykel Forma

~ Philips Respironics AMARA CPAP Full Face Mask

Recommended Oral CPAP Mask when you have a Head Cold

Fisher and Paykel Oracle HC452

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