Cpap Mask Uncomfortable – Cpap Gum Problems & Cpap Mask Problems.

• You will most likely have more CPAP gum problems and other CPAP mask problems if your CPAP mask is heavy. For some of us our gums are sensitive.

• Now the advice we offer below applies to any one with any type of CPAP gum problem and if you use Dentures .

• Our experience has shown most people tend to run into the most problems in the category of Nasal CPAP masks - CPAP Gum Problems & CPAP Mask Leaks are the biggest complaints here. • All cpap nasal masks need to lean on something firm. A “pushback” in order to get a seal. Now without your original teeth or dentures in place , the air escapes easily. Now you will experience a lot of CPAP mask leaks.

• You need a light mask. Nothing heavy on the gum line.

• Dentures Out - If you have dentures and you take them out at night when you go to sleep - you really should use a CPAP mask, BIPAP mask or Sleep Apnea mask (all 3 masks are the same thing. Different people just call it different things) that is light. Otherwise you will most likely have more CPAP gum problems and CPAP mask leaks. You want a mask that is not heavy on your gum line.

• Dentures In - If you leave your dentures on when you sleep, you can use almost any category of masks. What you want to be always aware of is – that the CPAP or BIPAP pressures does not dislodge the dentures when you are asleep. Make sure they are sturdy and stable. Always check the adhesive used.


Cpap Nasal Pillows for sensitive Gums and if you remove your Dentures at night.

• Of all the CPAP mask selection available today - Using Cpap Nasal Pillows have the highest success rate.

• Please keep in mind, Cpap Nasal Pillows are tolerated a lot more easily if your Cpap pressures are 10cmh2O and lower.

~ Resmed Swift FX

~ Fisher and Paykel Opus 360

~ Mirage Swift LT

~ Phillips Respironics Optilife Nasal Pillows

~ Phillips Respironics Go Life for Men

Cpap Nasal Masks for Sensitive Gums and if you take your Dentures out at night.

~ SleepWeaver Advanced

~ Resmed Mirage FX

~ Resmed Mirage Micro

~ Fisher & Paykel Flexifit HC407

~ Fisher & Paykel Flexifit HC 406 (if you have a petite size nose only)


Respironics Comfort Fusion

~ Respironics Easy Life

Cpap Full Face Mask for anyone with Sensitive Gums and if you take your Dentures out at night.

~ Fisher and Paykel Forma

~ Resmed Mirage Quattro

~ DeVilbiss Easy Fit

~ Resmed Mirage Quattro FX

~ Hans Rudolph 7600 series V2

~ Respironics Comfort Gel Full Face Mask

~ Philips Respironics AMARA CPAP Full Face Mask

We do not recommend using any Hybrid CPAP Mask or any Oral CPAP Mask.

Both these 2 categories of masks apply some unwanted pressure on the gums.

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