The 12 Medical Conditions you should not use a Cpap Full Face Mask until your Doctor approves it first.

• Before using any Cpap Full Face Mask, check with your physician first for approval if you have the following:

1. Do you currently have a physical disability that makes it hard to use and remove this full face Cpap mask? Perhaps a recent injury, surgery or tremors ...etc

2. If you feel like Vomiting,Nausea

3. If you have impaired Cardiac Sphincter function.

4. If you have Excessive Reflux.

5. If your Cough Reflux is impaired.

6. If you have a Hiatial Hernia.

7. If you have a Sinus Infection.

8. If you have a Middle Ear Infection.

9. You are the caregiver of a patient who needs a Cpap face mask but the person is combative and uncooperative.

10. Paralyzed. The issue here is can someone ( a caregiver) quickly remove the mask quickly for you when you feel sick or when you just want to, or can you communicate with the mask on……etc.

11. Mentally dulled perhaps through a head trauma or other medical reasons.

12. Should you use this mask on an unresponsive person? Assuming you are the caregiver of someone who requires a Cpap or Bipap machine and they become suddenly unresponsive.

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