The 11 Conditions that may require you to use a  CPAP Face Mask.

1. You know 100% you are a mouth breather when you sleep. There is no doubt in your mind. Your spouse or bed partner even confirms it.


2. CPAP Dry Mouth - Is your tongue, mouth and throat unbelievably dry when you wake up using either your current Nasal CPAP Mask or CPAP Nasal Pillow ? Especially if you are using a CPAP heated humidifier.  Even though you are using a CPAP humidifier the proper way, your mouth and throat is dry as a desert. A CPAP face mask (full face mask) is absolutely ideal for you in this situation.

3. “I wake up very thirsty. I keep a glass of water on my night stand”. If you notice this phenomena since you started using a CPAP or BiPAP machine, it means you are most likely opening your mouth when you are asleep. (We are assuming you know how to use your CPAP humidifier properly)

4. Allergy Attack- You can't breathe through your nose when your allergies flare up.


5. When you have a Head Cold and you can only breathe through your mouth

6. Are you currently using a CPAP Chin Strap with your Nasal CPAP Mask or CPAP Nasal Pillows and you still experience a lot of CPAP mask leaks out of your mouth? A CPAP mask that covers your nose and mouth is ideal for you.

7. If you find your Cpap or Bipap pressure is too strong and powerful. The Cpap full face mask works very well in this instance.  Why?  Since the “full face mask” is bigger and covers a larger surface area of your face, the CPAP pressure is the same but it feels more comfortable to handle it.

8. Your jaw or tooth hurt from using a chin strap in your attempt to control Cpap mask leak while using a Cpap Nasal Pillows or Cpap Nasal Mask. Please consider using a CPAP Full Face mask.

9. If you have a Deviated Septum, please consider using a “Cpap Full Face Mask”. It would a lot more comfortable for you.

10. If you have a Thick Mustache or a Beard.  Certain types of  CPAP Face mask tends to do a better job sealing. Less CPAP air leaks.


11. If you use dentures and need to take it out at night during sleep, a CPAP face mask is more appropriate. 

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