CPAP Chin Straps – You Judge This CPAP Chinstrap for Yourself (A Ruby Chin Strap ...Video Review)

~   CPAP Chin Straps video review  - What my patients like and dislike about the Ruby Chin Strap (Non Adjustable)..See Video Below.

~   I would like to show you the strengths and weaknesses of this very effective CPAP Chinstrap.  I will show you what my patients like and dislike about it.

~   It’s fantastic if you are someone who likes to move a lot in your sleep or roll around in bed. If you are considered an active sleeper, ,this is the CPAP chin strap for you.

~   Please make sure this CPAP chin strap does not cover you mouth or you will choke.

~   The Ruby CPAP Chin Straps comes in 3 sizes.

~  Measure from the top of your head to the chin. 

~    You are considered a small size if your measurement is between 20 to 24 inches. The medium size is 29 to 31 inches. The large size is 32 to 36 inches.

~    The funny thing about this Ruby CPAP Chin Straps is that I have had a good number of sleep apnea patients complain that even though they think it is the right size, it just feels smaller and tighter.

~    Now, if you have the wrong size and it is small.....your jaw may feel uncomfortable and by the next morning it will hurt.

~  Of all the CPAP Chin Straps available, this particular model is NON-adjustable. That is why I am reluctant to recommend it.

~    If you have any dental issues, I would not recommend this at all. Why? Because of the undue pressure they put here. (Please see video).

~    If you have any dental issues, I would not recommend this at all. Why? Because, of the undue pressure they put here. (Please see video).

~   If you have TMJ, bridge, or any gum issues, please consult your dentist and see if the dentist thinks if it is a good idea to use the Ruby CPAP Chin Strap.

~   Just be aware that because there are so many types of CPAP Chin Straps  that the average dentist will most likely not be aware of this particular brand of Chin Strap. 

~    I suggest taking a picture of this and showing it to your dentist first.

~    Now, I also do not recommend using the Ruby CPAP Chin Strap on a child. Or on anyone who suffers from overall muscle weakness and is not able take this cpap chin strap off their face.

~  Why?  Because it takes strength to pull this chin strap off of your face quickly and easily. 

~   Especially if you're feeling sick and nausea, you must be able to pull this off your face fast! 

~   In addition somebody who has severe muscle weakness should not use this CPAP Chin Strap, because you should be able to communicate to your caregivers effectively. It would be difficult.

~   You can also watch the video review on this other chin strap that I recommend. This is the PureSom Ruby Chin Strap it is adjustable. 

~   You have to stretch it and then put it on, which may make it seem like the size is off. A lot of people feel bruised right here, by the ear because of the stretching.

~   I know I’ve felt it. Of all the CPAP chin straps I have personally used, this is the only one that bothered my ears.

~   Now, the other thing that I want to mention to you is if you have a beard, I would not recommend this because I've had a few men who have really thick facial hair. They found this a little bit uncomfortable.

~   However, I have not had anyone complain that this CPAP chinstrap making his or her face feel hot at night.

~  The material here is like neoprene. I think they call this Breathe-O-Prene.

~   Hand wash this at least once a week, use mild detergent and air dry only. Do not put in the washing machine.

~   This is also <b>very important</b>. If you still open your mouth, even though you're using this, you have to face the facts. It is time to use a CPAP Full FAce Mask.

~   If the Ruby CPAP Chin Strap cannot keep your mouth shut, you really have to start using a CPAP Full Face Mask.  You will get better results and you’ll feel better about it.

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