Cleaning CPAP Mask - 10 Things Most People Don't Know.

• When it comes to cleaning CPAP mask, there is 10 things many people don't know that can hurt them or their CPAP machine and mask. 

1. Do not use solutions containing vinegar, bleach, chlorine, alcohol, aromatics, moisturizers, antibacterial agents or scented oils to clean any part of the mask or CPAP tubing. 

2.  Do not expose any part of the mask,  or CPAP tubing to direct sunlight as it may deteriorate the mask.

3. If  you notice any cracking or  wear & tear on  the mask, tubing or CPAP humidifier chamber - go ahead and replace it.  
Note: The CPAP head gear - please hand-wash it and air dry it. Just realize that the color will fade. 

4. If you wash your CPAP head gear too often ...... it will loose it's ability to hold the mask on your face effectively. Many long term CPAP users learn this lesson the hard way. Many of them will advice you to just wash it as needed only.

5. Wash you mask, tubing and humidifier while you take a shower. You are getting wet any way. Most people are more consistent in bathing than remembering to wash their CPAP supplies. 

6. Use CPAP Wipes to help you clean your mask or CPAP nasal pillows on the days you don't have time to give it a proper cleaning.

7. Invest a few minutes reading the little manual that came with your mask. It will show how to clean it and also give you the name and model number of certain parts of your mask that need to be replaced in case it breaks, loosens out  or it just malfunctions. 

8. Yes. You should separate the mask into parts and pieces per the manual and wash it separately. But if you are someone who has hard time putting things together, lack manual dexterity or just forgetful .....please wash the mask without disassembling it.

9. Please, please, please empty out the distilled water out of your CPAP heated humidifier daily. Don't just keep adding water to it. This is the number one source of sinus infections for many people. Anything that holds water is a potential breeding ground for bacteria. Please throw out last nights water and then add fresh distilled water.

10. Dry it well. You don't want mold. That would be extremely harmful to your lungs.

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