Chin Strap For CPAP – All you need to know about the Ruby Adjustable Chin Strap.

This transcript is from the video review  for the Chin Strap For CPAP called the  Ruby Adjustable Chin Strap (see video below).

There are 2 types of Ruby Chin Straps.  This is an adjustable chin strap for CPAP and the other one is "non adjustable".

I do not recommend the non-adjustable chin strap for CPAP. Please see the video review on it to understand why.

On the Ruby Adjustable Chin Strap, you have a Velcro tab control here at the back of the neck to adjust tightness and also on the top of the head. Otherwise, you might run the risk of it being to tight and hurting your jaw or the back of the head.

By the way, there's a lot of people who make a mistake by putting this Velcro, which is at the top of the head, at the bottom of the chin, so please do not do that. The Velcro on here belongs at the top of the head.

Now the one good thing about this particular chin strap for CPAP is it does not touch the ear. It doesn't even come close to the ear.

Another other thing is that I haven't had anyone complain to me about how this particular chin strap for CPAP makes them feel warm like some other CPAP Chin Straps do.

The material is made of Breath-O-Prene. It's something like neoprene. 

Additionally, this material does a very good job if you have severe Jaw Drop. That means if your mouth opens wide, it does a really good job holding it in place. 


 I would not recommend this chin strap for CPAP if you have a big head.

So how do you know if you have a big head? There are two ways: One, ask your family members. I'm sure there's some family member of yours dying to tell you something negative about you. It's just a joke. But yeah, ask somebody. They'll tell you.

Two, look at your current CPAP mask. Like this. Let me just zoom in here. See, this says medium and if it feels really tight to you, well then odds are you have a big head. So I would not recommend this at all. 

Cleaning this Chin Strap for CPAP is really easy. Just hand wash it.

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