Video - The Best Way To CLEAN CPAP Mask, Tubing, Humidifier Reservoir and Filters.

There are 2  good ways to clean your CPAP.

In my clinical experience, only about 30% of CPAP users actually are disciplined to clean their CPAP equipment regularly.  

Let me ask you this strange question.

 Would you ever drink from a glass that is used every single day but never has been cleaned? .....No you won’t ! But yet many people will use their same dirty CPAP mask for over 6 months and not think twice about it.

When you do clean it, you will significantly reduce incidence of cpap mask leaks & infections. Primarily Sinus infections and skin infections in the areas where the mask cushion touches. 

Can you see and smell all that sweat, facial oil and humidity stuck on your mask? Leave it there and the mask cannot maintain a good seal on your face.

Method #1 

 SoClean2 .

The best cleaning system for your CPAP machine, tubing, humidifier reservoir and mask is the SoClean2. Let me explain:

  •  Every week I work with many CPAP patients who purchased this. They love and absolutely swear by it. If your immune system is chronically weak and you are susceptible to infections then please consider getting this. 
  • If you don't have time to clean your CPAP equipment as often as you need to ....give this a try.   
  • It sanitizes and disinfects your CPAP accessories.
  • The parent company are running a promotion right now ( using this link ) where if you are not satisfied with the SoClean2 within the 30 day trial period, return it for a full refund.  The bad part is if you try to purchase SoClean2 from your local medical equipment company you will not get this promotion. 
  • This video below  shows you how it works.

Method #2

  • The video below will show you the old, tried and proven way to clean CPAP machine and mask. It still works wonderfully.
  • Invest a few minutes reading the little manual that came with your mask. It will show how to clean it and also give you the name and model number of certain parts of your mask that need to be replaced in case it breaks, loosens out  or it just malfunctions. 

• Every CPAP Mask, tubing, and CPAP humidifier chamber comes with a small guidebook. Follow its cleaning guidelines.

• The majority of them will indicate for you to Wash daily.

• Take the mask apart before washing. 

• However if you are someone who will not remember how to put it back together or feel overwhelmed by the thought of fully dissembling your CPAP mask for cleaning purposes.  

You have 2 options then:

     a) Get a family member to do it for you or with you until you remember.

       b) Clean your CPAP mask  without taking the mask apart. We have many sleep apnea patients that live alone that have other medical complications that make it hard for them to  remember and physically disassemble the mask apart and then put it back together. This is the same advice we give to our patients.

Watch this Board Certified Sleep Medicine Specialist, take you through the simple steps to keep your CPAP machine clean.

Don't forget your filters !

Most people forget to clean or replace their filters. Every CPAP machine has filters. Usually it is in the back of the CPAP machine or on the side of the CPAP machine. (Please look into your manual that came with your CPAP machine or just call the Home Medical Equipment company on the phone and have them verbally direct you to where the filter is found on your CPAP machine.)

Some filters are to be thrown away and some can be washed.

Please be vigilant about your CPAP filters. If you don't wash or replace them, you will chock your CPAP machine.