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·      It constantly analyzes the state of the patient’s upper airway on a breath – by- breath basis. Thus it is quick to respond to apneas.

·      If the machine senses any of these 3 things, it will jump into action:

a)  Inspiratory flow limitation

b)  Snore

c)   Apnea both obstructive and central



·      Optional heated tubing called ClimateLine Air – get it.  It is fantastic. It significantly reduces condensation build up in the tubing.

·      Who should get it:

a)  Live in a cold climate

b)  You keep your room temperature below 70 degrees fahremheit

c)   You are easily feel dry

d)  You are already chronically dry from side effects from medication and/ disorders

e)  You suffer from seasonal allergies

·      Regular Tubing.

·      Just wash with mild soap and warmwater.


Heated Humidifier

·      They call it HumidAir

·      The machine has a sensor that measures your room temperature and decides how much moisture to give you without condensation.

·      You can override the automatic heated humidifier function and put it into manual mode.

·      Bad thing – you can use with out the humidifier but you only save about an inch or so of space. Also you must buy a cap/cover in order to do so.

·      The standard humidifier chamber must be hand washed only with a mild soap. Do not place it in your dishwasher- we wish it could.

·       You could pay extra for a Dishwasher Safe Water Chamber for AirSense™ 10 and AirCurve™ 10 HumidAir™ Heated Humidifier 


·      “Climate Control Auto” – the machine decides just how much moisture to give. It provides just enough but not to much that you have condensation in the tubing.

·      “Tubing Temperature” – you adjust how warm or cool you want the air to feel.

·      There is 8 settings of humidity. So you have plenty of room to adjust and achieve the right amount of moisture for you.

·      Sadly you can’t wash the humidifier chamber in the dishwasher.

·      Just use mild dish detergent with warm water and let it air dry away from direct sun light.

·      If you are consistently feeling dry in your mouth, even in the day time, then please turn the Climate Control from auto to manual mode. You will benefit more when it is in manual mode.




·      23 % lighter.

·      Weight with CPAP, Heated Humidifier and Climate Line Tubing (heated tubing – which we recommend) is approximately 5.25 pounds.

·      Add an additional 1.18pounds for the weight of the travel bag. We don’t like the bag so much that it is small and very tight fit in our opinion.



·      Length = 10.04 inches, Width = 4.57 inches and Height = 5.91 inches.

·      It is definitely smaller than their previous ResMed S9 model.

·      Takes up very little space on your night stand.


Travel Bag

·      It is a small and compact size bag. It tough to pack big bulky full face masks in it but no problem with the other types of CPAP masks.


Air sense 10- Autoset For Her

·      Designed for woman who only have mild or moderate Obstructive sleep apnea and must weigh more than 66 pounds.

·      Has a special algorithim designed to benefit the female population.


·      Typically woman take longer to fall asleep.


·       Woman typically have more frequent arousals during sleep than men.  So. In this model only , it reports it to the doctor in its powerful download report (RERA Reporting – Respiratory Effort Related Arousals).

·        RERA is A sequence of breaths characterized by marked decreased in airflow for at least 10 secs, with increased respiratory effort, no oxygen desaturation and which leads to an arousal from sleep



·      Woman with OSA tend to have fewer and shorter apneas.


·      Shorter and fewer hypopneas.


·      Woman tend to have lower AHI (Apnea Hypopnea Index) scores.


·      This new algorithm makes it;


a)  More sensitive to flow limitation.

b)  Respond more optimally.

c)   Makes it more comfortable for woman.



4 Models Of CPAP

a)  AirSense 10 CPAP ( We don’t recommend. It is a lower end model)

b)  Air Sense 10 Elite ( Yes we recommend. This is the premium model CPAP machine. But we actually like the Autoset units listed below better)

c)   AirSense 10 AutoSet (We love this machine)

d)  AirSense 10 AutoSet  (We love this machine)



·      The ramp feature is on when you are awake. But the moment you fall asleep, the machine knows that by the style of your breathing and only then it starts to slowly increase the pressure without trying to wake you up.

·      Definitely well received by many patients.

·      The Ramp feature comes on immdietaely. If you don’t want ramp, make sure you tell the medical equipment company to shut it off.


Advance Event Detection

·      I work with some sleep physicians who love and only prescribe this model CPAP machine.

·      They love the fact it reports possible Central Sleep Apnea incidents. Very powerful for the doctor and patient.

·      This machine can tell detect Cheyne-Stokes Breathing, identify the difference between Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Central Sleep Apnea.



The Light

·      It monitors your room light levels and automatically adjust the brightness of the screen.

·      It shuts off very quickly. We have so many patient’s who wife complains how when their husband’s get into bed, between the noise of putting the mask on and the light from the CPAP when you first turn it on, it wakes them up. Not with this CPAP.


Sound & Noise Levels

·      ResMed has always led the way in being the most quitest. Once again they have done it by using what they call “The Easy-Breathe Motor” .

·      26.6 dBA

·      People love how quiet this machine is. Your bed partner is also going to love how quiet it is.


Pulse Oximetry Monitoring


·      You could attach a special pulse oximetry probe to this machine and it will record your oxygen levels while you sleep.



·      You get a 90W power supply.

·      It is smaller in size from the previous ResMed S9 model.

Yes you can buy portable batteries for this CPAP called the ResMed Power Station II Battery Kit for AirSense™ 10 & AirCurve™


·      The batteries are expensive. About $700 and change. Check daily on the internet for price changes.




·      2 year warranty.




·      It has non disposable standard filter. This filter is not washable.  Most insurance policies will pay to replace this type of filter once every 6 months.

·      We love their Hypoallergenic filter. Use this type of filter especially if you suffer from seasonal allergies or the environment that you are in is dusty, lots of pets, placing the CPAP on the floor.

·      Most health insurance policies will pay for a new Hypoallergenic filter every month.

·       You could use an Antibacterial filter like the PALL (BB50T). Please check your manual.

·       ResMed recommends using an antibacterial filter with a low impedance (eg, 2 cm H2O at 60 L/min),

·       such as PALL (BB50T), Air Safety Filter without Luer Port (4222/702) or Air Safety Filter with Side

·       Port 24966 (4222/701). If using the Air Safety Filter with Side Port, an Oxygen Connector Port is required.

Smart Start

·      If this feature is turned on – the machine will automatically start when you take a few breaths and then shut off when you take the mask off in a matter of seconds.

Sleep Report

·      Every time you use the machine it will give record some fantastic clinical information about you . You have access to it.

·      Just make sure you tell the medical equipment company to make sure that “Essentials Plus” is turned on . This is the only way for you to see all the valuable clinical data it collect on you. If you don’t ask for it, you will not get it.

·      This is what you want to see:

a)  Usage hours

b)  Event (AHI) per hour

c)   Mask Seal

d)  Humidifier

e)  Pressure  (95% pressure)

f)    Leak

g)  AHI

h)  Total AI (Apnea Index)

i)    Central AI (Central Apnea Index)

·      We find that people who view their sleep reports frequently adjust better to using CPAP.



Data Recording

·      It has an SD card that records all the data.

·      It has a built in wireless modem that will transmit the clinical data to a secured software called AirView. Typically this is a service your local medical equipment company has paid ResMed to use. Check with them if your CPAP’s modem is turned on

·      They medical equipment company and sleep centers can program setting changes wirelessly through the wireless modem also.

·      If you travel out of the country from where you purchased the CPAP, the modem will not transmit clinical data.



Run Mask Fit

·      You can test to see of your CPAP mask is in good shape and maintain a good seal.



·      Most airlines will allow you to carry the cpap as a carry on luggage. They don’t count it against their carry on limit because it is a medical device.

·      If you use batteries to power up the CPAP, please the heated humidifier off. It will very quickly drain the batteries.

·      Don’t transport your CPAP with water in the humidifier tub.


Airplane Mode

·      Set this to OFF  and The wireless modem will stop transmitting clinical data to the AirView software.


Power Save Mode

·      If you want to conserve electricity during the times you are not using the CPAP…..just press and keep holding down the Start/Stop button for 3 seconds until the screen goes black.  To exit the power save mode….just press the Start/Stop button once.