How To find The Best CPAP Mask For You -  It Really First Starts With...

• Finding the best CPAP mask is truly hard and frustrating. 

• Please, please, please.. do not make a firm decision that you will never try a CPAP Full Face Mask or a CPAP Nasal Pillows or a CPAP Nasal Mask.

I don’t know what the statistics are, but in my experience, at least 6 out 10 people actually like the mask that they thought they would hate. Keep an open mind. 

• Just because you had a bad experience with one particular CPAP mask during the sleep test does not mean you will have that same bad experience in your home or in your bed. Remember, this time there are no irritating wires or probes stuck to your head and body like you had during the sleep test. 

• Most important rule to finding the best CPAP mask for you is – “Please be open minded !"

• The truth is the average CPAP or BiPAP user will try 2 or 3 or even 4 different CPAP masks before deciding on what they would consider the best CPAP mask for them. 

• Please keep in mind that every one is different with unique facial structures. What fits for one person may irritatingly not fit the next person.

• Did you know there are different types of  CPAP mask best suited for your different needs? Example there are specific masks we would recommend if you suffer from claustrophobia, have a beard, allergic to the silicone in almost masks, or if you want a mask you can quickly take off because you have to get up a lot in the night to use the bathroom……etc. 

See our list of recommended CPAP Masks or as some people call it Sleep Apnea masks - Click Here

• The reality is that not all CPAP masks work as good as the advertisements say it does.

• You are safer trying the mask out at your local Home Medical Equipment Company or at the Sleep Center where you actually test it. You could also get the Respiratory Therapist to come out to your home and you can try lying in your bed with it.

• Ask your sleep doctor for a sample mask. 

• Are you being measured for the right CPAP mask ?

• Be fitted for a mask while using your own CPAP or BiPAP unit. You must try out a sample CPAP mask while the machine is blowing at your physician’s prescribed CPAP setting, not at the ramp pressure setting. There is a major difference. 

• Many CPAP machines have the “Mask Fit” button; use them!!

• Pay attention to your leak rate and AHI.

• The best time to change and try a different type of CPAP mask is when your current CPAP mask is in good shape.

• Just washing it properly and regularly according to the manufacturer’s directions makes a tremendous difference. Sweat, facial oils, and moisture when you exhale and moisture from your heated humidifier need to be cleaned off.

• Wash your face before you sleep.

• Maybe the solution to your CPAP leak problem is not the CPAP mask but elsewhere.