Auto Set verse prescription

by Wade Young
(Mt Airy NC)

Hello Help Desk
Thanks for all the usefull and great imformational videos.
I will be seeing my cpap Dr. July 20. My pressure prescription is 12. Should I ask him let my cpap Technician change my cpap machine to auto set?
Wade Young

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Jul 01, 2012
Ask Carefully
by: CpapHelpDesk

• What I am about to point out may seem odd & stupid but please keep it in consideration.
• Many many sleep physicians hate it when their sleep apnea patients suggest what they should order for them. Just last week a patient shared with me what the doctor said to him when he asked about using a BiPAP or Bi-level machine… “Let me be the physician and allow me to decide ….” Clearly this depends on the personality of the physician. Smiley
• An effective Solution - Use your best people skills. Say something on the lines of … “I was doing some research on this and what do you think about the Auto CPAP. Would it be appropriate for me?"
• At that point the doctor will normally educate you in more depth about your own unique condition. And also explain why it is or not appropriate for your current condition.
• An Auto CPAP is not generally recommended for someone who has Central Sleep Apnea. Usually it is prescribed for Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

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