Activa CPAP - Why Every CPAP User Must See This

Resmed Mirage Activa LT - A short, very useful video review of this Resmed CPAP Masks. See what our patients hate and love about this CPAP Nasal Mask.

Don’t buy it until you see the strengths and weaknesses it has first. Because it will impact your sleep and wallet.

This is the video review for the CPAP nasal mask called the Resmed Mirage Activa LT. The name says it all, this is for the active sleeper, somebody who moves and rolls around all over the place in bed, this is the CPAP mask for you. It is designed for you. It’s great for back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers with good results. The Resmed Mirage Activa LT - best CPAP mask for beard and CPAP mustaches. It’s fantastic for facial hair, if you have a beard or mustache it works very well, another plus. It works so good for people who have high CPAP and BIPAP pressures.

A couple of things that it’s not really good for is if you have a cold or a sinus infection or during allergy season , this is not a good thing for you and you will need to use a full face mask.

You cannot watch TV or read in bed, it’s kind of tough because of this piece here, even though they’ve made this narrower.

Now, if you haveClaustrophobia (CPAP mask anxiety ) this is kind of bulky, you can see how wide it is. So, that can be an issue for you, but there are strategies to help you overcome your claustrophobic feeling when you use this.

The CPAP headgear is very good, very stable. It comes in small, medium, and large. This is one of the few CPAP head gears that’s on the market that comes in three sizes, that’s very good. A feature that I truly love, forget what I love, that a lot of people love is this feature here. Watch me and I’ll zoom in a little bit better for you. If you press it comes loose. This is how you take off the mask. Set the tension, forget, and take off. Then put it back. You can do that if you wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom or when you’re done sleeping you can take that off.

This feature in itself is the reason why I’ve been able to successfullyhelp a lot of people who are blind and who have partial arm weaknesses , perhaps from a stroke, into using a mask. Single handedly this feature is what makes it easy. Women with long fingernails love using this type of mask, because of this clip. It does make it easy on them. Also, by the way, this particular head hear is good for somebody who has soft silky hair, it stays pretty stable.

The exhalation port, they’ve made it a lot more efficient, and it’s here. This round little thing here. They’ve made it quieter and you don’t hit your bed partner. This is the part that swivels so you don’t get caught up in the tubing, which will cause the mask to fall right off.

Here’s the other part I want to show you. I’m going to take this off right now so I can show you some phenomenal features of this mask. Here, let me show you the forehead cushion. Watch this. There are 24 positions. There is no other mask that has this much latitude and versatility in this.

What’s the big deal on this? At different positions this mask will tilt closer or away from your face at certain areas. This helps fit various facial structures and it helps alleviate and seal off leaks. Also, it relieves pressure points. If you feel uncomfortable and there’s a slight pain just play around with this thing. So, it can help alleviate those things. The whole purpose of this, once again, is you can get a good comfortable seal with the minimal amount of tightness.

Now, the reason why it’s called Resmed Mirage Activa LT, like I said, it’s for the active sleeper and this is why. When you turn it on it actually bounces out like this. So, when you move in bed it will grab you, so you will maintain a seal.

It comes in four different sizes; small, medium, large, and large-wide. So, that’s a very good thing. The cushions are replaceable, that will save you a lot of money. You don’t have to change the mask all the time, you can just buy replacement cushions. Once you know what size it is just buy the replacement cushions.

Here is another tremendous benefit. I absolutely love this, because in essence you’re getting two masks in one. This frame, this is a small size mask, and you say, “You know what? I want something a little bit softer than this.” They have come up with the softest mask out there, one of the softest masks out there on the market called the Resmed Mirage Soft Gel. It’s unbelievably soft. You can put this cushion onto this mask, because these two share the same frame. That’s a huge benefit, absolutely huge benefit and it will save you money. Now, there are two major problems with this particular mask that I want to show you. One is because it’s kind of wide, especially right here, and it extends down. It tends to touch people slightly above the upper lip. So, some people it irritates and the others it doesn’t matter, it won’t bother them. So, that’s one negative.

The other one is when you change the cushions, let’s say even if you want to maintain the same cushion, but you just want to replace it or bounce into using one of these cushions on this, there are three clips. There’s one huge triangular clip. See this blue piece here? It attaches here and here and then here. You have to put some force into it and click it into place. However, this is the biggest source of leak right here,a lot of people think they’ve pushed it in all the way.

But, if you ever get one of these things and you feel air leaking and you’ve taken the cushion out for some reason or another, here’s the cause of your leakYou have not pushed the clip in all the way and it popped right out all the way. Anyway, this is such an awesome mask. With that, I’m going to end. Take care. Bye. 

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