About Me

In A Nutshell:

1.    Respiratory Therapist.

2.    Over 20 years of clinical experience, helping people suffering from sleep apnea successfully use their CPAP.

3.   On average I work with 6 to 11 sleep apnea patients a day. (One individual at a time)

4.    I am constantly reaching out to other therapists, clinicians, doctors, nurse practitioners, and most importantly the feedback of our CPAP users…seeking their advice, feedback and thoughts on what did not  work, why and what has really worked.  Then I use this collective information and help my patients. 

5.    I try out almost every type of mask out there so that I get a deeper knowing of what a person feels and how various masks works.

6.    I have severe obstructive sleep apnea, and I use a CPAP myself. I stop breathing an average 78 times an hour if I don't use my CPAP.

7.    Treating my Sleep Apnea has been a true blessing in my life. The quality of my life has significantly improved because my sleep apnea is finally under control. The positive effects have been like night and day for me.

8.    Tons of testimonials from people I have helped and of those who bought my Advance CPAP Help Video Guide.

9.    I am passionate about this subject.

10.    The positive spillover effect on my professional, personal, health, relationship and social life  is immeasurable.

11.    It seems that over 40% of the time,  I am working with people face to face, who have come to strongly dislike (hate) the idea of using their CPAP because of the many problems they encounter. Most of them  wants to quit, but is still willing to give CPAP therapy  and me , one last chance. Luckily for me (and I must give lots and lots of credit to my patients because they did the work) …I am able to successfully turn most of them around. Truthfully not all,  but most of them have become faithful CPAP users much to their own surprise. 

12. There are 4 fundamental problems I am hoping to correct:

a) About 40% of new CPAP users will give up within the first 90 days of receiving and using their CPAP machine. So there is a very good chance you might give up. I want you to be in the 60% that does use their CPAP successfully. 

b) There is a tremendous lack of useful and results producing information out there.

c) There is lots of misinformation ( bad advice ) that can cost you in physical uncomfortableness and money.

d) (Thankfully not a lot of ).... Shenanigans from various medical companies that are so profit driven at the expense of poor customer service and experience that will drive you crazy! My sincere goal is to help as many sleep apneas sufferers as possible become an educated consumer and navigate away from these problems.