CPAP Farts, Dry Eyes, Pain on the Bridge of My Nose - Remzzzs Liners To the Rescue

I created this video for you - Remzzzs CPAP Mask liners review.

This video is opinionated, slanted, & based on actual feedback from our sleep apnea patients.

I will show you how it works, the strengths and the weaknesses you must be aware off.

Transcripts from the Video

Hi, Welcome to This CPAP Mask Liner is called Remzzzs. So, this is the actual mask liner. This is a piece of cloth type of material, that comes between your face mask and your face. I'm going to zoom in closer because its tough to see because it's white and let me just bring it in much closer there. OK. Now, can you see this?

Now, it never fails. Every time, almost every time I introduce this to a CPAP patient, at least I would say 6-7 times out of 10, somebody will say, you know what? I can do this myself, ( create a home made CPAP mask liner) I can cut this out of an old t-shirt and put this between my face mask and my face. I'm gonna say please, please don't do it. Somebody's already did the hard work and fine tuned it to make it work better. So just go with these things, OK? (The DIY CPAP liners mask liner usually do not work as effective as the real thing. That has been my observation working with many sleep apnea patients for many years.)

Now I want to show you the strength and weaknesses this CPAP mask liner called Remzzzs has, and the competitor. I also have another video about its competitor, the Quietus liner ... unfortunately the Quietus Liners is no longer made.

So, let me explain this to you. Now the CPAP mask liner addresses leaks in 3 common areas. To your eye, because that's what happens when you get, then you'll get dry eyes, alright? Around the mouth area, OK? And just beneath here, under your chin area. Now the reason why these things work is, you see, they do a heck of a job absorbing the 4 liquids that develop on your face. Let me explain to you what the 4 liquids is. One, facial oils. Number two, you have sweat on your face. We sweat when we put this thing. Number three, there's moisture when we exhale, when we breathe out, there's condensation, there's moisture buildup in here and this will catch it, and number four, you know, we use a heated humidifier with our CPAP machines, there's a lot of moisture that builds up in this area. So, what happens is, this mask, during the night cannot get a good seal because it's sliding because of these 4 liquids, OK?. Now, this mask does a really good job absorbing it, OK?

Now, let me show you, if you're not sure what I'm talking about the facial oils and the sweat, this is my old CPAP mask cushion. You see how dirty it is? I purposely didn't wash it, because I wanted to show you on the video. I'm sure your mask looks something like this, your mask cushion. This is from our facial oil, the sweat, you know, the 4 liquids I was talking about, OK? Now, couple of the strengths on these things I just want to mention, OK? I've had patients tell me that, I have actually 2 CPAP patients, sleep apnea patients tell me, they no longer have the bloating from their CPAP machine, from the mask, OK? From using it through the night. That's a plus. It works well on high CPAP pressure, I'm just gonna use this mask here to show you, OK?

Because it becomes a barrier, for some reason it doesn't feel, your high CPAP pressure feels a little bit more tolerable when you use this thing. Now for some people, they get bruising on the bridge of the nose. This here becomes a cushion, OK? So the mask, as it slides, sometimes will rub you here very roughly, and then it'll hurt you. So this is a barrier. Now if this is, sometimes some people use two of these things to act as a cushion. Now this material is really soft, OK? It works great if you have facial hair. Men with beards, OK? and you're using a mask, by the way, I happen to have a full face mask here on the mannequin. This will work on a nasal mask, the one that covers your nose. It also works on hybrids. You just have to match this, the Remzzzs CPAP mask liner, to your particular model of CPAP mask and size, OK? This also does a good job. How many people you know, or even including you, have seen marks on your face from the mask, OK? This is a cushion, right? It really does reduce the marks on your face, alright? Now for some people, they have what seems like an allergic response to the silicone, by the way, all CPAP masks are not made out of latex, it is made out of silicon, most of it, OK, anyway. Some people feel like they might be getting an allergic response to it, this is a barrier, so they're able to use the mask they like because of this, OK?

The other thing is it reduces those farting noises. You know, when the mask leaks, it makes those obnoxious farting kind of noises, as the CPAP pressure escapes. The material, there is the, it also saves you money. Let me explain that to you. Because people are experiencing CPAP mask leaks, they will go tighter on their headgear and what happens on your cushion, you'll end up. You tighten so much, you reduce the life span of these cushions. Now because of this, you no longer have to, for most people, OK? I'm not saying everybody, by the way I'm going to go over the weaknesses with you shortly, they find they don't have to replace these cushions as frequently as they used to, alright? So, the other benefit is you do not have to make this head strap, the headgear so tight, OK?

So that is another great benefit. Now what comes with this is also, so this is the part that covers the mask, and then you get two pieces of this Remzzzs liners that go for your forehead cushion, OK? Now, let me go over the weaknesses with you really quick. Please, do not even think of trying to use thing, these liners with your mask, like 1-2 minutes before trying to go to sleep. You will give up. I won't say you'd give up, it'll drive you bananas. It takes a while for you to get used to how to align it properly, OK? Now why do you see this extending out a little bit, OK? And the reason for that is you're supposed to. This is the only way. So what happens is, this opening seems kind of small, right? Compared to this opening. So you put it here and it's stretchable, and you want it to extend out and that's the only way it's going to prevent the air from leaking out. It makes a better seal that way, OK? Now, if you find this bothering you, some people will cut just a little bit on these things. Now the other thing about this, the negative on this is, if in the middle of the night, you get up to use the bathroom, trying to put your mask on with this is a pain in the rear end. Because you have to get up and you still have to fiddle around, align it properly and put it, OK, until you get used to this. And then by that time you're really awake, you've lost all your sleepiness, alright. The other thing is if you do not put this properly, alright, this liner will shift and it'll enter the mask, OK? and you'll break the seal and it'll wake you up, you know, cause then you have the air mask leaking.

Now the manufacturer will state that you need to change these liners every day, OK. I want to show you the Remzzzs liner I was using for 3 days, OK? It is starting to really curl up, OK? I didn't replace it, I just wanted to show you. Now what happens is, these liners automatically starts to curl up very very quickly, alright. Now, the other thing the manufacturers tells you is do not wash this. You cannot wash these things. Now, if you watched the other video on the competitors, yes you can wash their liners. This one they tell you don't wash it, because it does something to the fibers of these things, alright. So because of that, you're supposed to replace this everyday, so it can add up. So that's a negative in that sense, my suggestion is, you know, make sure you just budget it in your monthly budget, you know, the cost of getting these month supply, OK? The other thing is, because of the CPAP, people are using this, I mean, I noticed this, I'm sorry, I noticed this with my sleep apnea patients who do use these things. People who use this tend to forget to wash this frequently, OK, they cut down on the frequency of washing their CPAP mask, OK. So, that's something for you. So, please do not do that, OK?

The other thing I need to say is this. There's one other added benefit because of using this, I should've mentioned this earlier. I want to end up by saying this. I recently just met a patient, who had severe dermatological issues, skin problems right? That person now can use this medicated ointment on the face while using the CPAP mask, OK, because of this, alright? In fact if you read the literature that comes with it, they encourage you to use a little bit of water or some moisturizer that'll help stick to it, cause normally speaking, the manufacturers of these masks will tell you, please do not use any lotions on your face before using the mask for 2 reasons. One, the mask will slide and number two, it can reduce the lifespan of these cushions, OK? So now, you can do that. Lot of people like to prepare to look after their face, their skin, by putting some moisturizer before they go to bed, and now you can, because you use this thing, alright. So once again, this is the Remzzzs, I recommend it. It's a great fantastic tool to combat CPAP mask leaks. Now I do want you, I urge you to go watch my other video on its other competitor that has some really awesome benefits to it, and also just like this, it has negatives to it, certain weaknesses to it. But once again, just check it out. So, I'm doing this so you save money up front by knowing what you know more about this, you know, as apposed to learning it the hard way, once you spend the money in getting it, OK? With that I want to sign off, this is Thank you.

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