Pilairo Fisher Paykel CPAP Mask Pillow Review - Critical Things You Absolutely Must Know .

·       Critical things you truly must know ….  Pilairo fisher paykel cpap mask pillow-review that your nose and wallet will thank you.

 ·       Great for nose breather only.


·        Inappropriate if you are a mouth breather.

·       Fisher & Paykel has labeled it a CPAP Nasal Pillows Mask. …….In our opinion it really is a fisher paykel nasal pillows.

 ·       Not good if you suffer from allergies. If you do, you should use a CPAP Full Face Mask.

·       Only get 1 cushion (pillow).  (Unlike other CPAP nasal pillows brands like the ResMed Swift FX or the Opus 360 or the Respironics Go Life)


·       Per the manufacturer – It is one size fits most pillow. (what ?????!!!!!)


·       One size pillow …. Not appropriate for people with tiny nostrils and large nostrils. If you are not sure what size nostrils you are just ask someone. J



·       This Fisher & Paykel CPAP pillow self inflates … the higher the CPAP pressure the better it inflates and covers up your nostrils. Thus creating a better seal.


·       But …higher pressures……means un-comfortableness in nasal passages. I have only met one person who felt comfortable using the Pilairo at a CPAP setting of 12 cmh20 . (The Pilairo is designed to go as high as 25cmh20. However as a general observation ....... the average person finds it uncomfortable to use any type of CPAP Nasal Pillows when their CPAP settings are 10cm20 and higher.)


·       Most people with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) are on fixed CPAP pressures. So if you have a larger nostril and your cpap settings are 8 cmh20 …..the Pilairo Fisher Paykel Nasal Mask Pillow might not inflate sufficiently to create a good seal.


·       That’s why we truly wished it came with a variety of  Pilairo  cushion pillow sizes.


·       Per Manufacturer – a) Limited Contact


b) Limited Pressure points


c) Hovers around the nose.


·       “The Stabilizer will not touch the upper lip” – per the manufacturer. (please watch my video where  I explain my patients and my experience)


·       “When inflates, the pillow actually lifts away from the upper lip” – per manufacturer.


·       Back Sleepers – Fantastic,


·       Side Sleepers – depending on how much you move around in bed. If you move a lot…. It breaks the seal and it can take awhile to establish a seal again.


·       If you have a mustache – it appears about 50% of the men with beards or mustaches like the Pilairo. The Opus 360 is so much better. (See the Opus 360 video review for the reason why)


·       The pillows tend to tear quickly. Just last month I met 2 people who have had that issue. So please be delicate with it.  I personally cannot remember having met anyone complain about this issue regarding the Fisher & Paykel Opus360 and the ResMed Swift FX


·       Replacement Pilairo mask cushion are around $25  (as of 2/2013). Not super expensive but it does cost money.



·       Why the Short tube (compare that to Swift FX , Go Life, Opus 360) ….more and more people are using heated CPAP tubing…….the shorter the tube, less condensation (water build up)


·       Lightweight = 1.83 oz. or 52 grams.


·       Elbow rotates 360 degrees


·       “The headgear will never stretch and it will always go back to the original shape.”  …. per the manufacturer.


·       Unable to adjust the strap. Trust me it will get looser as the month goes.


·        I recently had 2  long term CPAP users who have told me that that they never wash the headgear ……. Maintains the elasticity and shape  of their CPAP head strap longer.



·       Louder than the ResMed Swift FX nasal pillows.


·       Much more comfortable than the Respironics Go Life nasal pillows.


·       Almost feels like nothing when using it.  Well the ResMed Swift FX does a better job at it. But this does give you that feeling. 


·       For some people it tends to sit higher up on the cheekbone closer to the eye. But this is a function of how uniquely your face structure is.


·       One size headgear is not appropriate for Petite and really large heads.



·       Because you can’t tighten the headgear…it shifts in bed if you are someone who moves around a lot at night. I believe Fisher & Paykel is planning to change it and make it an adjustable strap. When? Who knows?



·       I have had other clinicians who have had their sleep apnea patients complain to them about the Pilairo bruising their nostrils.

·       The headband stretches out and becomes too loose.


·       Bulky.


·       For smaller size faces it touches the upper lip. But for larger face s people they will say they feel like nothing is there.


·       Seals wells if you are a back sleeper.


·       Comfortable.



·       Slightly nosier than the Resmed Swift FX CPAP nasal pillows and the Opus 360.




·       Really active sleepers – you can dislodge the pillow from the seal.  Especially side sleepers who move in bed a lot.



·       The Mirage Swift FX comes with a cushion or Wrap to prevent marks on your facial cheek and now it also has the BELLA LOOPS.  The Pilairo does not have any.  


·       It truly inflates more at higher pressures. So if someone is at 6 cmh20 the nasal pillows feels different as oppose if someone is at 10 cmh20.



·       My personal experience using it for 5 nights -   it hurt my septum , leaks when I shifted a lot in bed, very comfortable, you do feel it on the upper lip area, it is louder slightly, when it leaks while I was using, it took awhile to readjust it. The way to adjust it is by pulling the Pilaro off your face first and then reposition it.


·       I was surprised that how fairly easily the pillows get squished and I woke up feeling out of breath. Now this also happens to the ResMed Swift FX nasal pillows. It just catches you off guard.


·       The ball elbow does not rotate so flexibly as their Opus 360 or the ResMed Swift FX. (Perhaps just my unit was like that).


·       You cannot clip the tubing over the head like the Opus 360 nasal pillows.


·       There isn’t even a strap that goes on the top of your head. Many people really like that.


·       Cleaning – do not soak the CPAP headgear or strap  in water or soapy water for more than 10 minutes



·       You either love it or sort of like it . Nevertheless almost everyone wishes there are some critical changes needed to make it really awesome.