7 Things You Absolutely Must Know About the Philips Respironics CPAP Full Face Mask Amara.

§ The Philips Respironics CPAP Full Face Mask AMARA is a break through design for Respironics.

§ Personally speaking,  if you are going to choose the Amara please consider getting the "Amara Gel" version. 

§ It tends to Leak under the chin at higher settings ( around 12 cmh20 and higher) I have received a number of complaints about this very same issue & it has also been my personal experience . (Now as you can imagine, a persons unique facial features also will have an affect on how well a mask will fit.)

§ Noisier at higher CPAP settings. The Resmed mirage Quattro is definitely much quieter than the AMARA and the Respironics Comfort Gel Full Face mask.

§ Definitely one of the most lightest weight CPAP full face mask on the market today.

§ Hurting on the bridge of the nose. A good number of people felt it including me. Surprisingly it feels soft to touch. In my case, after a few nights the pain went away. Perhaps we all needed a few nights for our skin to toughen up & get use to it.

§ Side Sleepers – like it because it is not bulky and stays in place better.

· Great mask to use during Allergy Session. As you know or will soon find out ….you will find it very uncomfortable to use any Nasal CPAP mask or nasal pillows while suffering an allergy attack. This mask is a suitable alternative.

Facial Hair - So far all the men with thick facial hair using this sleep apnea mask experience lot's of leaks.

Sizes : (It comes in 2 types of Frames and CPAP Head Straps)

a) Reduced Size Frame - you can attach Petite & Small cushions. Head gear is smaller also

b) Regular Size Frame - Small, Medium & Large

c) This is a major breakthrough !! One frame & interchangeable cushions. The only other full face mask that does that is the Fisher & Paykel Flexifit HC431 and the Forma ( medium & large size)

d) You save a ton of $$$.For example... if you bought a medium size Respironics AMARA CPAP mask but later after using for a few days you realize you should have gotten a smaller size. No problem.....just buy the smaller size cushion and attach it to the mask. You save a lot of money. (normally you would have to pay a lot of money to buy a whole new mask with new frame and new cushions.)

e) Rule of Thumb…. The sizes closely matches the Resmed Mirage Quattro Full Face Mask. The AMARA is narrower than the Resmed.


The AMARA has very few parts to take apart for cleaning when compared to the many parts of the Resmed Mirage Quattro. This sleep apnea full face mask is very easy to clean.

Exhalation port

· It is quiet. But not as quiet as I would like when you get to CPAP settings of 14 and higher.

· I did receive very few complaints of the air coming out of those exhalation ports and somehow bouncing of something and hitting the CPAP user. However I did not experience that myself.

CPAP HeadGear (Head strap)

· Awesome. Soft. Sturdy.

· You can get the smaller size headgear (called Reduced Size headgear) for petite size heads.

· TALON Clips …..easy to put on and take out. Woman with long nails like this. Easier to put on & take off the AMARA headgear then for the Respironics Comfort Gel Full Face Mask

Forehead Cushion

· Easy to use & you will like it. But in our opinion the forehead cushion adjustment capability of than Mirage Quattro does a better job.

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