Fisher and Paykel Zest Nasal CPAP Mask - Video Review that really helps you.

In this video review, we show you the strengths & weaknesses of the Fisher and Paykel Zest Nasal CPAP Mask. Then you can comfortably decide if it is an appropriate CPAP mask for you.

Fisher and Paykel Zest Nasal CPAP Mask - Video Transcript

Welcome back to This is the video review for the Fisher and Paykel Zest Nasal CPAP Mask. This is in our clinical estimation the best Fisher and Paykel CPAP mask as of February 2011. In this video I’m going to go over the strengths and the weaknesses of this CPAP mask. Like every mask out there, there are positives and negatives.

This is an awesome mask, this is also one of the top three sleep apnea masks that works very well for the majority of the people. As of January 2011 this is the best high end Fisher and Paykel cpap mask , but yet it is very affordable if you’re paying out of your pocket.

To be effective with this mask you must be a nose breather. If you open your mouth and breathe when you sleep, you must then use a CPAP chinstrap . Otherwise convert to using a cpap full face mask, oral cpap mask or a hybrid cpap mask.

It is light, it is not bulky at all. It takes up very little real estate on your face, so somebody who is claustrophobic ( CPAP mask anxiety) will really like this mask. It is good for side sleepers. There’s a very high success rate with side sleepers, because it doesn’t stand out too much, so it doesn’t get knocked off when you sleep on your side. Back sleepers, it works very well. Stomach sleepers also very well. For facial hair, oh yes, it works goods. The reason why is you can see that little grey piece in there, the grey soft foam in there, that’s the reason why it does very well for people who have facial hairs.

Can you read in bed with this mask? Once again, compared to most other masks, yes you can to some degree. You can also watch TV in bed, but still you have this issue here.

At higher CPAP settings though, I do have to say one of the negatives is at higher CPAP pressures ( settings) around 14, 15, and higher, I’ve had a number of my patients complain about having a hard time getting a good seal - CPAP mask leak. Other than that, it is really good.

Once again, this just covers your nose as you can see. If you are suffering from allergies during allergy season ( cpap mask allergies) or have a cold you cannot use this mask, you need to use a full cpap face mask.

The CPAP headgear is a good Cpap head gear, let me bring it up here. It’s a one size fits most. Let me show you this, let me zoom in on this to show one really nice feature they have here. You see how this moves? What it is really is, when you move your head in your sleep from side to side, because of this feature, the mask doesn’t get displaced quickly. So, this will take the brunt of your movement. The mask stays in place. Less incidence of CPAP air leaking.

There is an easy way to disconnect, not really the most easiest for some people, but a lot of people get used to it very quick. It’s just this, like that. The exhalation port is right here, this is where you exhale. It’s very good, it’s quiet, it doesn’t hit a lot of bed partners. However, if you’re used to having your CPAP tubing going above your head like this and it goes above your headboard, the exhaled air is going to bounce off here and hit you on the face. So, that is a negative. That is one of the few complaints that I’ve come across.

The other negative on this is you cannot control the angle on the forehead of how it sits. You see this part here? There’s no way you can control the angle. However, that’s what this inner form here is for. As your face goes into it, as you lean into it, this will conform better into your facial structure and you get a good seal and it’s comfortable. That’s what it’s designed for.

Once again, I’ve never had anybody complain of bruising on the bridge of their nose on this particular mask. It comes in three sizes. God forbid Fisher & Paykel should use simple terminologies, but this is how they go by sizes, Zest petite, Zest plus, which fits most small and medium size noses, and Zest – I’m sorry, I said it wrong, Zest for small and medium size and then just Zest plus for wider nostrils. So, Zest petite, Zest, and Zest plus. Forgive me for that mistake.

When it comes to washing you have to be careful. By the way, you can just buy the cushions by itself and the inner form by itself, so that will save you a lot of money. Instead of replacing the whole mask you can just replace these things. When you wash this do not leave this soaking in the water for more than 10 minutes, they don’t advise it. From the older models, not the Zest, but one of the other models like the 406 and 407’s, they tend to absorb the water and it looks really bad. This part here goes bad on you quickly if you leave it soaking for 10 minutes or longer in water.

Once again, Fisher and Paykel Zest Mask is a very good mask. I’ve had a very good success rate with this CPAP mask with many patients. With that, I’m going to wish you sweet dreams. Bye.

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