CPAP Mask Uncomfortable ? Struggling? Here Are The Solutions To Your Problems

CPAP Mask Uncomfortable - Look for CPAP Mask Recommendations and Solutions below that may help solve your CPAP problems.

" I finally went through the hassle of getting that d@*# Sleep Test done. I am trying to use this f!@#$%& machine but I have so many d@*& problems. I can't deal with this mask!! You know what! I want them to pick this machine back up ! I can't deal with this."

If you feel like this - Please don't give up. Give us a chance to help you.

The answers below come from Sleep Technicians, Respiratory Therapists and Nurse Practitioners who work in the field of Sleep Medicine. Most importantly we are sharing with you the feedback we get from our Sleep Apnea Patients regarding the same issues you encounter.

1) Claustrophobia - Recommendations of CPAP masks and a way to use your CPAP or BIPAP machine that won’t give you the feeling of CPAP Mask Anxiety , the feeling of being smothered, and as some of our patients describe it - Suffocation by FullFace CPAP Mask.

2) Beard, Mustache, Goatee or any Facial Hair- If you have them, you tend to suffer more leaks. There are specific masks that have proven to help a lot of people with that issue. 3) Active Sleeper- Do you move around in bed a lot? You want a mask that stays in place while you move restlessly all over the bed. We can recommend a few effective CPAP masks for you.


Read or Watch Television in bed - Here are recommended CPAP masks that enables you to Read or Watch TV in bed and then comfortably doze off to sleep.


Small Masks (Nothing big on your face)- You just want a mask that occupies a very small amount of real estate on your face. You don’t want anything bulky. Just something small. Here is our recommendations.

6) Suffering from Allergies - Strategies, Solutions & Recommendations of Masks when you are suffering from Allergies and you have to use a CPAP or a BIPAP machine. Click Here.


Weak Hands - You have a limited or reduced function of your hands that makes it hard to put on and take off the CPAP mask. Examples - Arthritis, Arm Injury that makes you unable to lift your hand up to the head level, muscle weakness in your hand from a stroke, tremors …..etc. Click here to see the masks we have seen work for our patients.

8) Big Round and Wide Face that requires a Larger CPAP Headgear - You have a big round and wide face. The average CPAP mask may feel uncomfortable for you.

9) Multiple Sizes A mask that has all the different sizes of cushions in one box. Fantastic strategy. You will save a lot of money and avoid a lot of problems.

10) Replaceable Cushions- Not all CPAP masks can do this. A list of masks where you can detach the cushion separately from the mask frame for cleaning purposes, and also enable you to just buy the CPAP masks cushions by itself. A great way to extend the life of a CPAP mask and help you save money also. Click Here.


Quick Disconnect and Connect Clips- You don't have to keep adjusting the CPAP headgear. Do you get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night? You want a mask that you can quickly disconnect from the CPAP or BIPAP easily and then slip it back on without making you totally awake. This way you can fall back to sleep easily.

12) Side Sleepers- Many of our patients who are side sleepers have recommended a number of masks that work wonders in their favorite sleep positions.

13) Stomach SleepersVery few CPAP masks enable Stomach Sleepers to sleep on their belly comfortably. Here is what our patients tell us what has worked for them.

14) I have a Cold !!– Many people cannot use their CPAP masks during those times. Here's what we recommend.

15) CPAP and BIPAP pressures feels uncomfortably strong- Does it feel like a Hurricane is blowing down your face. You want a mask that can handle high pressures ( high CPAP settings ) with minimal leakage or irritating fart-like noises. There are several masks which do a great job making high pressures feel gentle and comfortable.

16) CPAP Gum Problems & Using Dentures with CPAP- what masks we recommend if you use dentures.

17) Bruising- Bruising on the bridge of the nose from your current mask. Here's what we recommend.

18) Allergic to CPAP Mask- here's what you can do.

19) Forgetful- You have a hard time remembering the instructions on how to use the mask effectively. How to put it on and off. You want something easy and uncomplicated.


Deviated Septum - There are certain types of CPAP masks that are not recommended.

21) Bloating- Solutions for this uncomfortable CPAP side effects. You wake up in the morning feeling bloated.

22) Dryness - Solutions for CPAP Dry Mouth, Dry Throat from using CPAP, Dry Mouth with CPAP. Many people label this one problem differently. Nevertheless there are definite things you can do to resolve this problem.

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