What You Don't Know About This 360 Nasal Pillows CPAP Mask (but you need to).

• This 360 Nasal Pilows CPAP Mask (Opus 360) is fantastic for nose breathers.

• If you open your mouth, you should consider using a Chin Strap with this ….or  ….. use a CPAP full face mask.

• Fantastic for someone who has sensitivity on their upper gum line. You won't even feel it resting on the area above your upper lip and nose.

• Super light weight.

• Easy to watch TV or read in bed with this 360 Nasal Pillows CPAP Mask on.

• If you suffer from allergies, don’t use this during your those times. What you need is a CPAP full face mask.

• Be prepared to raise your CPAP heated humidifier level  to prevent dryness in your nasal passages.

• We wouldn’t recommend using this mask if your CPAP settings is above 10 cmh2o. Yes the Opus 360 nasal pillows is designed to handle up to 20cmh2o but for the “average person” anything 10 and higher is super uncomfortable.

• Great if you have a thick mustache. 

• You can have your CPAP tubing run across your head with mask.

• The head gear comes in only one size.

• Super easy to clean.

• Pillow sizes are Small, Medium and Large. Unfortunately it does not come in extra small.

• The tubing attach to it can swivel 360 degrees. This makes it more easier for you to move around in bed without knocking the Opus 360 out of place.

• Yes it is quiet.

• So easy to take off if you want to use the bathroom at night. In fact they now created the Hidden Strap release which enable you to very quickly remove the headgear for for cleaning purpose and you can hook it back on without loosing those precise adjustment you made on the Velcro strap of the headgear.

• Other type of CPAP nasal Pillows mask we would recommend is the Pilairo, Swift FX, Nuance Pro Gel, CPAP Pro and the AirFit P10

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