Act Quick - You May Be Able To Exchange Your CPAP Mask For Free

Most people don't know that they can exchange their CPAP mask (if you don't like it) for free. This is how it works:

• Most reputable Home Medical Equipment companies will offer a “30 Day Mask Replacement Policy”.

•  If you just received your new CPAP / BiPAP machine & CPAP mask (from your Home Medical Equipment Company) within the last 30 days they will honor your request…..Or……. even if you only buy a mask from a reputable Online Store .

• As long as you inform the Home Medical Equipment Company within that time period, they will exchange your CPAP mask for free. They will do it one time.

Click here to see an example of how it works.

• Here is what many people do not know – the manufacturer provides this return policy for free to all these Home Medical Equipment companies. It doesn't cost the Home Medical Equipment company any money because the manufacturer will give them a credit. The hassle for these companies - the manpower needed to collect all these mask, pack it, ship it back to the manufacturer and do all the necessary paperwork.

• What if it is after the first 30 days, let say for example it is 2 months…then what?  

• Or what if your medical equipment company does not even have a formal “30 Day Mask Replacement Policy”?

• Use your best people skills and just ask for an exchange. Explain the problem you are facing. Be nice about it .  Be extremely polite about it and humbly ask if they could help you.  Speak to the person who has the authority to do that……. the Manager.

• I have seen this time and time again, someone with a humble approach have gotten away with things an angry person will never, never, never be given the chance. You’ve got nothing to loose, just ask while being super nice about it.

•      The average insurance policy will replace a mask every 6 months (some are 3 months). Now 6 months is a very long time to be stuck with a CPAP Mask you HATE. So just ask if they will exchange your mask.

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